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Monfils 0-17 vs. Djokovic, Seeks First Win in Madrid

Gae Monfils has won 11 ATP singles titles and 522 matches and over $20m in the ATP since turning pro in 2004 but he has never beaten Novak Djokovic in seventeen tries. Today in Madrid, Monfils will play Djokovic for the 18th time. Djokovic is the only player of the Big Four the 35 year […] Continue to read full article...

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Is Monfils Finished?

It has not been a season to celebrate for the flamboyant Frenchman Gael Monfils. The 34 year old winner of ten ATP singles titles and the former world no. 6 has floundered badly in 2021. This week in Majorca, as the top seed after a bye, he lost to a lucky loser by the name […] Continue to read full article...

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Bill Tilden On The French Players

The French style of play commends itself to me very highly. I enjoy watching the well-executed strokes, beautiful mobile footwork of these dashing players. It is more a lack of dogged determination to win, than in any stroke fault that one finds the reason for French defeats. The temperamental genius of this great people carries with it a lack of stability that can be the only explanation for the sudden crushing and unexpected defeats their representatives receive on the tennis courts. Continue to read full article...

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