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What is the best part of winning an AO match?

Recently I had the pleasure of watching the chess great Bobby Fischer be interviewed by Dick Cavett on You Tube. The interview was from the 1970’s when Cavett was the king of TV interviews and Fischer was the Novak Djokovic of chess. Fischer’s demeanor even reminded me vaguely of Djokovic, the smiling, relaxed, jovial nature […] Continue to read full article...

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Challenged by the “Chess Master”

While on changeover during playing with a friend at the Washington Bridge Courts in Washington Heights, I ran over to the two guys playing next to us to give them cards. We chatted for a few minutes. Then something new happened to me. I was challenged on the spot by a stranger to a tennis match. Roman was his name. He expressed a desire to play me in a match, arrogantly and firmly adding that he would beat me "6-0 6-0" and that they would "teach you how to play tennis over here." Continue to read full article...

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