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Two Sets Vs A WTA Pro

With one public park open in Bradenton and Sarasota and two main hitting partners both afraid to play because of fear of virus and fear of being arrested, I am starving to play some real tennis instead of hitting on a wall or driving over an hour to Tampa where a friend plays at open […] Continue to read full article...

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Harry Cicma Revives Pro Tennis In Bradenton

Since the virus pandemic, pro tennis has been for all intents of purposes, dead … or if that term is too dramatic, in a state of suspended animation. All the pro tournaments on the 2020 calendar have been put on ice, Miami, Monte Carlo, Rome, Indian Wells, Wimbledon, etc. But without any fanfare and hype, […] Continue to read full article...

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Hitting Next To An ATP Champion in Bradenton

Our “ghetto courts” are still open in Bradenton and each day I’m there an array of quality players of all ages come to these courts which are the only unlocked public courts in Bradenton. Today I saw a former ATP Champion who won two singles titles, both in Moscow at the Kremlin Cup. You may […] Continue to read full article...

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Biofile: Petr Korda Interview

Status: Former 1998 Australian Open champion. Winner of ten ATP singles titles including 1993 Grand Slam Cup. Early Tennis Memory: "Goes way back to '71 or '72 when I started. I remember I was playing with some friends on the back court and they want to make a picture on the court with my dad. And he had to pull the net down because the net was higher than I was [smiles]." Pre-Match Feeling: "My mindset? Geez, I don't even remember, how was it? Just always put some kind of strategy of what I wanted to do." Continue to read full article...

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