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Fognini Solves Busta Puzzle in Rio

By Scoop Malinowski From 2013-2019 Pablo Carreno Busta won all seven matches vs Fabio Fognini. Moscow, Paris, Monte Carlo, Sao Paulo, Oeiras, Melbourne, Hamburg…Busta won every time they played. But then the one-sided rivarly suddenly took a turn in the other direction. Fognini finally beat Busta last year at ATP Cup on hard court 62 […] Continue to read full article...

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Biofile: Fabio Fognini Interview

First Tennis Memory: "I have a lot of memories in my career. When I was young I was playing tennis and football too. When I was 14 I decide to play tennis because I play a lot on the courts, so I have the mentality, if I lose, I lose. And I win, I win." Tennis Inspirations: "I have to work all the time. I have to work. The highlight of my career we will see when I finish if I get closer to a good ranking, if I stay like this. I can't tell you now." Continue to read full article...

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