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Jim Courier has said that if you take away the serve of Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi was the better player. It’s a curious game to play this fantasy mix and matching of the weapons of great champions. But in the end it’s silly. If Frank Bruno had Mike Tyson’s punching power… If Marcelo Rios had […] Continue to read full article...




Is Agassi A Mediocre Coach?

Andre Agassi produced mediocre results with Novak Djokovic, shortly before Djokovic re-hired his old coaching team which resulted in Djokovic returning to his best level and winning Wimbledon and US Open and regaining the ATP world no. 1 ranking. Djokovic's success begged the question...why couldn't Agassi inspire Djokovic to return to glory? Continue to read full article...

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agassi MONTE CARLO OPEN April 23, 1996 Andre Agassi MONTE CARLO, MONACO Q. Andre, I guess it's not easy to play a match in these conditions when you are expecting something else? ANDRE AGASSI: Yes, that's right. Q. So how did you handle the match? ANDRE AGASSI: Well, you know, there's not much you can really do except try to, you know, stay relaxed and yet not so relaxed that you forget about what you're doing. I think the most difficult is the first few games right when you come out, make sure your feet get moving quick or else you cannot find your rhythm sometimes for an entire set. Continue to read full article...

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