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The Strains of Watching the French Open on TV

Alright, truth be told, I’m damn jealous of Steve Tignor getting to go over to Paris to cover the French Open. I have to read about him watching matches from court-side and walking around Paris, taking the Metro, looking at svelte French women and eating French cuisine. I once got to go to Wimbledon on assignment, actually I had to pay my own way, but I had garnered enough free-lance stories for Tennis Magazine to make it worth my while. And I had a great time, even when Peter Bodo, the dean of tennis writers, informed me as I sat in the press area to watch the first-round match of Magnus Norman, the subject of my main article and #2 in the world at the time, that he, Bodo, was actually doing an article on Norman. Sinking feeling in gut, but my article did appear in magazine and I got paid.

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