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Why is there no Sofiamania?

Combining power, precision, intelligence and an iron will steely resolve Sofia Kenin has remarkably played her way into her second major final this year, a straight set semi final win vs Petra Kvitova at Roland Garros today. The young American is now just two sets away from her second Grand Slam title of 2020.

Kenin is the American tennis dynamo now, heroically carrying American tennis on her slender shoulders, while all the other American prospects, prodigies and flameouts float through the middle of the pack achieving results that don’t make headlines.

Kenin is the global headliner now, the one special figure American tennis has been patiently waiting for since Super Serena Williams began to fade away a few years ago.

Yet the American media has not quite embraced the new sports darling with the cheerleader smile and girl next door persona. The media does not go overboard celebrating Kenin with near the same tornado of gusto and buzz they generated for Coca Gauff last year for winning a few rounds at Wimbledon and US Open.

The Cocomania phenomenon has sadly since fizzled out after the 16 year old bombed out at Cincy Open, US Open and French Open in the last month and a half with disappointing performances compared to a year ago.

But who could forget the fevered pitch of Cocomania, the endless loop of replaying her matches, all the talk by experts, all the interviews, all the media interest and promotion of her brand, her story, her future, her activism?

Yet Kenin, who is actually winning notable titles with stunning performances, barely gets a sniff from the mainstream media. It’s as if the media thinks she’s Russian or something. And it almost seems there is a media and industry preference to promote and sell black athletes over white athletes.

Equality? Where is the equality for Sofia Kenin?

So if Sofia Kenin wins her second Grand Slam title against Iga Swiatek this weekend, keep an eye and ear out for how the media covers the story and promotes Kenin compared to how they whipped up Cocomania into a frenzy.

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  • Cory · October 8, 2020 at 8:22 pm

    Swiatek can’t stop the train that’s coming… I’ll be betting on Kenin. Sofia just has an unbelievable will to win. She outplayed Kvitova today, just outplayed her mentally IMO, the latter of whom has a full arsenal of weapons that were neutralized with exhausting defense. Seems like Kenin’s biggest weapon besides her defense is her willpower. She has the heart of a lioness. And I completely agree about the excessive adulation for black athletes like Herena or Coco… nary a peep about Kenin, who if anything should be a bigger story since she has fewer weapons and is overachieving (and now consistently). I love watching Kenin.Gauff will have an amazing future as well – but I’m already exhausted of the politics associated. I digress, but the media is going to have a big problem soon as the silent majority, the wave of disgusted people in their homes, tire of the endless propaganda.

  • Scoop Malinowski · October 8, 2020 at 8:33 pm

    Cory, Swiatek certainly has a tall task ahead to try to slay the best player in the world but Iga has the goods and the make up to do the job. She beat her in RG juniors in ’16 75 64 and she can do it again. I won’t be betting on this very intriguing final, just gonna sit back and enjoy. Both players are too potent and too strong to bet against but I just see Swiatek destined to be the first Pole to win a major in singles, after the near misses by Radwanska, Fibak and Jadwiga Jedrzejowska.

    This is nothing new for a Polish female tennis player to be in the final of the French Open.

    The lady in the photo above, Jadwiga Jedrzejowska, was in three Grand Slam finals: WIMBLEDON-1937, US OPEN-1937 and FRENCH OPEN- 1939 .



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