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When Nadal Semi-Challenged Equal Prize Money

I found a stunning video clip this week where Rafael Nadal was asked in Spanish about why men earn more money in tennis than women.

Nadal replied with a very interesting answer: “I don’t know. I don’t know what it is based on in soccer, in golf or modeling. Why do women earn more than man in the fashion industry? Well I don’t know. But then again, we don’t talk all day long about the salary difference.

It’s not known exactly what year Nadal made this provocative statement but it was said at the Mutua Madrid Open press conference in Spanish.

One thing is for sure though, the tennis media sure downplayed these very borderline controversial comments, which are very logical and persuasive. Imagine the uproar if Novak Djokovic or Donald Trump said it.

Does anybody know if Billie Jean King is out there relentlessly, “all day long”, demanding equal prize money for male models in the fashion industry?

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