What Has Happened to Sam Querrey?

After losing to Gilles Simon yesterday in a French indoor event, Querrey is a very mediocre 25-20 on the year. But it just wasn’t losing to Simon that seemed down-low for Sam. The Valley dude just seemed to lack pluck. It doesn’t look like Sam is enjoying himself on the court. His loss to Mannarino in the second round of the Open was another indication that either Sam should stop playing French guys or he needs to get a little love back for the game.

Querrey has dropped to No. 31 after fringing at the top 15 (17), but he’s had a dismal 2013. He’s reached the third round of Wimby and RG, but otherwise his slam forays have been poor. His best win this year is against No. 40 Jarkko Nieminem! Sam has never ventured to a slam quarters and maybe too much was expected of the lanky Californian. He was a late bloomer, and far exceeded early expectations, but the idea was that his huge serve and big forehand, Sam might be a slam semis contended at some point. But besides beating Berdych and Karlovic at the 2008 Open and Raonic at 2012 Wimbledon, Sam has been a dud in big matches. At the cusp of his 26th birthday, Sam looks like he needs some electroshock therapy or something to drive him into another gear.

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  • Ryan Mircic · October 1, 2013 at 9:15 am

    Problem with Querrey is that he’s pretty one-dimensional and isn’t the greatest mover in the world. Doesn’t seem to have much spark on the court, either. I think his 20-30 ranking is quite realistic.

  • Scoop Malinowski · October 1, 2013 at 1:09 pm

    Querrey used to have a much more potent serve too, when he used Prince, remember he bombed I think it was ten aces in succession vs. Blake in Cincy. His serve is not as lethal now with the Babolat.

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