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Two Crazy Tennis Tales In One Week

The tennis world has been fairly abnormal this year, to say the least, and my personal tennis life has also experienced a couple of hard to believe occurrences recently.

First one was at a private court on Longboat Key in Florida, playing with a friend who warned me that the black crow steals items. I smiled at the impossibility of it happening but the feathered fiend flew over to my bench and found his target, my lemon Lara bar still in package, unopened. My calculation that the crow would or could not sense that it was food inside the yellow Lara bar package were off and the clever bird quickly snatched the bar and flew away with it. Five minutes later that crow returned – for more obviously, and this time I quickly ran over and concealed my wallet, watch and jewelry and then chased the criminal crow away, having learned my lesson.

The next weird thing was getting a phone call from a guy I hit with four times when I first got down to Sarasota Bradenton. I hit next to this guy on the wall at Payne Park and we decided to exchange numbers and hit. He is a big lefty from California who just moved to the area. We hit four times and it was good training to get my game back on track after some nagging injuries. I texted him last week to hit but there was no response. So for a few days I wondered what happened to “Jason.”

A few days ago he left a message saying he needed bail, he was locked up in Sarasota Corrections. Then another call from an 800 number which I called back to get a recording saying he needed bail of $7500 to get out of Corrections.

What a tennis week it was.

Today Novak Djokovic attempts to win the Serbia Open vs Andrey Rublev and Carlos Alcaraz is trying to continue wreaking havoc on the ATP World Tour as he will try to conquer Barcelona. Also at the Tallahassee Challenger Tony Wu faces Michael Mmoh in the final.

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