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Toughest job in sports, pro tennis coach?

As we enjoy the action at 2020 AO, former two-time Grand Slam champion Johan Kriek humorously analyzes how difficult and challenging it is to be a coach of a WTA or ATP player…

So you want to coach a WTA or ATP player….You better be a “Jack or Jill of all trades”….You better have a degree in psychology, fitness and physiology, have had playing experience on either tour of at least 10 years, played on center court and had won and lost in the finals of majors, If you can know the rules at each major for practice courts, have a degree in hydration and nutrition, be up to date on racket and racket string technology, know the best trainers and massage therapists around the major tournaments, befriend all the TV commentators so you can help “sell” your player and your “stuff”, be able to sit stoically in the players box and take the abuse coming at you via stares, glares, pointed fingers and yes, middle fingers mean nothing.

Know where the best restaurants are in each city you visit not to waste time “experimenting” with Montezuma’s revenge, as much as possible get to know the owners of the restaurants to get a table no matter what, know as many other coaches and “new“ players coming on the scene, scout relentlessly, be aware of ball and surface resurfacing dates prior to the tournament to know how much faster or slower the courts are this year, understand the differences in balls around the world, get to know the stringers personally so you can pick the one you like Roger has his own…

Know which airlines has the biggest leg room on long haul flights with the best service….. get to know the best airports to fly into with the least amount of hassle to clear customs. Miami Intl. is definitely not one….You care only about your player so you have no say in how you feel or what you do with yourself coach! You don’t count! Suck it up and do that for at least 35 weeks a year…..miss your family!? Getouttahere!!!Suck it up coach! No guarantees! Good luck!..

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