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As some of you may know, I tore my left rotator cuff in a freak surfboard accident in November. I had surgery done in December and my physical therapist advised that I try this product, Tommie Copper, that Denzel Washington, er, excuse me, no, Montel Williams, was hawking on tv. I looked it up and as it so happens, Tommie Copper, was located about 15 miles up the road from me in Ossining, NY. Which is famous for being the home of the famous and depressing, Sing Sing prison. Maybe some of you have been to Sing-Sing or are still visiting.

(In my former life as a free-lance reporter for The New York Times, I once visited Sing Sing to do an article on prisoners who claim they were serving times for crimes they didn’t commit. I had a one on one with an inmate who was accused of shooting a police officer. After writing the article, I tried to help him get better legal representation and then for the next five years or so, every so often, I’d receive letters from Sing Sing inmates asking if I could help them out.)

Anyhow, full disclosure, Tommie Copper was nice enough to send me down some compression shirts, calf, knee and elbow pieces. And I’ve been wearing the shirts and calf pieces and I like them. Copper, apparently, has been used for a long time to promote healing and compression clothing supposedly helps muscle growth, stems swelling and increases oxygen blood flow in the body.

I do feel with the shirt that the pain in my shoulder after sleeping on it or working out with it has decreased. I have an Achilles tendinitis problem and the calf piece has not helped that as much, but I can see where it does help with decreasing the swelling.

I would buy this product if you have pain in your shoulders from playing tennis or knee or calf problems. I’m posting their web-site here if you would like to take a deeper perusal into their product.

Bend your knees, $100 please.By the way, that is my bodacious bod in the picture. Well, not really. I just like writing, bodacious bod.

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