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Tiafoe Looks Lethal Right Now In Atlanta

I watched the highlights of Frances Tiafoe’s QF Atlanta win vs Brandon Nakashima 64 62.

Tiafoe looks different, a little lighter and speedier around the court. There is also a supreme confidence glowing from his aura, as if he feels now is the time to shine, his time has arrived.

Of course this observation may prove to be an error and the 24 year old world no. 29 Tiafoe could lose in the semi to Jenson Brooksby, who he lost to a year ago at Citi Open 76 75.

But I strongly sense a difference in Tiafoe now. Those early career showtime drama match but narrow losses to Federer, Delpo and Novak proved the potential of “Big Foe” is very high. He can be a top ten player (best ranking was 25 in May).

At some point the experience, fine tuning, adjustments and wisdom of coach Wayne Ferreira are going to all galvanize together and Tiafoe is going to produce some astounding results. I think that time is right now, this summer.

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  • Winston Smyth · July 31, 2022 at 1:57 pm

    Brooksby 72 total points
    Tiafoe 50 points
    Big Foe was fortunate to get 5 games.
    Smashing the ball hard is not much of a strategy…

  • Scoop Malinowski · July 31, 2022 at 8:08 pm

    Winston, Brooksby totally outsmarted and gave Foe a lesson last night. Brooksby is a very special extraordinary player how he can just go out there and befuddle far more experienced guys like Foe, Agut Batista, Isner and the other dozen or so veterans he’s whooped so far. Like Jimmy Arias said, “He just wins, I don’t know how but he just wins.” Sky is the limit for Brooksby, and he will will himself to win a Grand Slam.



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