Tennis Mentions In My New Book “The Book Of Joy”

About six years ago an idea popped, inspired by a quotation that ihas been embedded in my psyche for years… There is no joy but calm. – Lord Alfred Tennyson

The idea was to ask many different people, friends, strangers, famous, regular, celebrities, CEOs, doctors, supermarket employees, models, just one basic question: What brings you joy?

I asked some of my famous artist friends, tennis pals, tennis opponents and total strangers this question, and their interesting replies motivated me to keep going to the point that I decided to produce a book out of the findings. We all love to feel joy and give it to others and this book helps our awareness and understanding of the subject of Joy. Also it’s just a nice, easy, pleasant read to learn all the different ways one can feel joy.

Tennis actually was mentioned by several people as a source of their joy. I will share with you some of the quotes…

Marilyn Liu (Shipping for bicycle company): “I can list a lot of things which can bring me joy or happiness…when I serve well in tennis, when I hit a passing shot in the middle of my opponents when I play doubles…”

Michael Onello (Yoga instructor, nutrition guru): “Playing tennis and the challenge of it. The feeling of contact with the ball and making that shot up the line. You see the ball and you don’t know if you will make the shot and when you do, you want that feeling again and again.”

Even our own Dan Markowitz weighed in on how tennis brings him joy: “…hitting a forehand like Federer…”

Heidi Albertsen (Supermodel): “…I enjoy the social interaction and bonding that comes with being active and enjoying sporting activities like tennis and golf.”

Patrick Jun (Finance): “…performing well in tennis…”

Ray Collins (TV news anchor/reporter and former college player at St. Bonaventure): “…feeling a tennis ball off the sweet spot…”

Whether your a pro, advanced, intermediate or beginner player, tennis can give anybody the feeling of joy.

The Book Of Joy: A Symposium is available at amazon for $6.99 and $3.99 kindle version.

Cover art by Henrik Godsk of Denmark.


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