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Rune Makes Alcaraz Say “No Mas” in Paris

Holger Rune must be playing incredible, astonishing tennis this week at Paris Rolex Masters 1000. He beat Stan Wawrinka in the first round, saving three match points, and provoked the veteran Swiss powerhouse to uncharacteristically complain on court about being outplayed by Rune.

Rune then beat Hubi Hurkacz, Andrey Rublev and today he slayed world no. 1 Carlos Alcaraz in stunning fashion. Leading 6-3 and 2-1 in the second set tiebreaker, Rune blasted a forehand winner return and suddenly Alcaraz, who appeared to be trying a serve and volley play, after seeing the winner zoom by him, he continued to walk forward to net, with a disappointed body language. Carlito decided to quit the match.

There did not appear to be any noticeable injury problem. Also strangely, Alcaraz did not bother to try an injury medical timeout. He just suddenly did not want to play anymore. It actually looked like he may have tanked the match because of a combination of frustration, discomfort and surprise for how well Rune was playing and he wanted to devalue the true complete win by quitting four points from the finish line.

John McEnroe once said, “It’s been scientifically proven that everything hurts more when you’re losing.”

Wally Masur also once said, “Players fabricate injuries to protect their ego.”

Tennis is a sport with a lot of bluffs and deceptions so it’s hard to determine exactly why Alcaraz quit the match but it’s very possible some qualities and weapons of Rune broke his will and spirit both physically and mentally.

Alcaraz does have a history of quitting in major matches. Remember at US Open 2021, Alcaraz retired from his match vs. Felix Auger Aliassime at 36 13 in the quarterfinals of the US Open. Though he looked okay, he may have been fatigued from five setters in the two previous rounds vs Stefanos Tsitsipas and Peter Gojowczyk.

Perhaps we are seeing a chink in the mental armor of the 19 year old from Spain. Perhaps it was just an off day and Rune really is an exploding 19 year old superstar emerging this week with the finest tennis of his life.

Holger Rune, currently ranked no. 18 in the world, will play Felix tomorrow in his first Masters 1000 semifinal, a rematch of the recent Basel final won by the also exploding Canadian phenom.

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  • Scoop Malinowski · November 5, 2022 at 9:50 am

    Alcaraz says it’s an ab injury, those are in vogue this year with Spanish players. I have played competitive tennis for 25 years and never once had an ab injury. And my abs are not as strong or young as Alcaraz’s.

  • catherine · November 6, 2022 at 6:25 am

    Swiatek beats Gauff 6-3 6-0 in Texas. Comment: ‘In the 2nd set Iga played like she was ripping the soul out of Coco.’

    Every time this happens you can see Gauff’s spirit fading further and further from the fray. What is her team doing ?

    I watched some highlights and probably saw the ball about 6 times.

  • Scoop Malinowski · November 6, 2022 at 7:46 am

    Catherine, Coco earns millions more than Iga from endorsements though she does not deserve it by on court achievements, she only gets it because of her race. I wouldn’t be surprised if Iga is somewhat bitter about this unfair reality and tries extra hard to stick it to Coco and her sponsors.



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