Osaka asks Tsitsipas what inspires him

About ten years ago I refined my Biofile list of questions to tennis pros, changing the childhood heroes question to who or what inspires you, what is your tennis inspiration?

Today I saw Naomi Osaka ask Stefanos Tsitsipas this same question, What inspires you? (Yes, I think she has read my Biofiles.)

Tsitsipas paused for several long seconds and countered with a cerebral response to his Skype friend…”If I can minimize it to three or four words…to deliver a feeling.”

Osaka was clearly fascinated by this profound response and asked her former or still current crush to elaborate.

“Is to deliver a feeling to people who watch me,” said the charismatic ATP top ten superstar. “To people who get to see my artistry. I want to show people a better side of life. I don’t know if I succeeded. I want to leave a legacy behind.”

Osaka agreed with Tsitsipas on that count but stopped short of fainting.


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