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My favorite locker room pics from Arthur Ashe Stadium

When you walk down to the locker rooms in the main stadium there are some iconic photos of past champions on the walls. Most of all of them are up there: Borg, Connors, Mac, Newk, BJK, the two Martinas, and Chrissie. But my two favorite pics are the ones of Nadal and Arthur Ashe, himself. So I’d thought I’d post them here.

Also, I’m posting my favorite player at the Open, Leander Paes, warming up in a practice with his doubles partner, Radek Stepanek, and his coach, Rick Leach. We see in these two videos, Paes hitting from the baseline and then taking some volleys. To me, Paes is a wonder. The guy breeds such positivity and vigor and he is one of the most dynamic players around at the age of 39.

Finally, what’s up with the celebrity sightings at AA last night for the Del Po-Hewitt match. They showed on the big screen, Debra Messing and a few other tv unrecognizable faces and then later, I guess after scanning the whole place, they came up with James Caviezel, who was in that Mel Gibson movie about Jesus Christ. Really, that’s the best celebrity sightings. You can do better than that at a regular season Knicks game.

Also, Martina Hingis lost two doubles matches last night, losing to the No. 1 seeds in women’s doubles match. Hingis in the press conference made reference to the fact that the game is much faster now and what was always her weakness, her serve, is possibly more glaring now. She double faulted three times in the final game of the match.

But what was funny is when one reporter said she hit some great shots and Hingis laughed and said she was glad she had such a big supporter in the press corps. Hingis has such a winning smile and seems so wholesome and winning that not a single question was asked about her apparent wayward marital woes.


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  • DanM · August 31, 2013 at 2:12 pm

    Again, this is Dan Markowitz and not Scoop posting this. How about Baker and Ram up a set and 4-0 against the 7th seed doubles team of Zimonjic and Benneteau?



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