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McEnroe Declares Emphatic Support For Djokovic

By Scoop Malinowski

No major tennis figure has dared to announce strong support for Novak Djokovic – until this week.

The anti-Djokovic tennis establishment may have intimidated and bullied most tennis world figures from expressing support or defense for Djokovic – for fear of some kind of retaliation – but John McEnroe has had enough of the massive injustice that has been inflicted on Djokovic by a range of conspiring forces.

On his Eurosport commentary at the 2022 Roland Garros Grand Slam tournament this week McEnroe declared with vehement emotional tone in his voice and demeanor: “Any other player has never had to deal with more adversity and the crowd getting on him unfairly more often than any player in the history of tennis. And if you don’t think it bothers him, you’re nuts.”

Of course, McEnroe was referring to horrifyingly unfair and vicious Roland Garros crowd treatment of Djokovic in his four set final loss to Nadal in the quarterfinal, which has been, no doubt, fostered and programmed by relentless anti-Djokovic heavily biased media smear campaigns.

Or it’s also possible dark forces may have hired or incentivized certain audience members to boo and harass Djokovic. Do not put this scenario beneath the tennis deep state which is undeniably anti Djokovic and has been for many years. It’s only become glaringly obvious in the last year.

Because when the two biggest stars of the sport have all their misbehavior and or cheating covered up and or defended by the establishment, and the other guy Djokovic has every mistake made magnified into a historical event, you know there is heavy corruption in play.

McEnroe has finally spoken out boldly against the injustice. Who will be next to stand up and voice strong support for Djokovic? Or is it too little, too late? Maybe it’s possible Djokovic, deep down inside his heart of hearts, has surrendered because he’s had enough of the corrupt cesspool pro tennis has degenerated into. One man against the entire establishment is an unwinnable war. Ask Muhammad Ali about that.

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  • Sam · June 2, 2022 at 8:58 am

    Good for Mac! 👍 Not a fan of the way he treated Maggie Court, but at least he’s redeeming himself here a bit.

    Pro tennis has become a clown show anyway. 🤡 You can’t compete in a Grand Slam unless you get a dangerous jab? What kind of nuthouse is that? 🤪 That tournament has a huge asterisk next to it anyway. Everybody knows that Djokovic was the huge favorite to repeat there. So, in my eyes, Nadal is still sitting at #20.

    And now Wimbledon bans certain athletes based on their nationality? Then there’s the big question mark about whether unjabbed athletes can enter the U.S. later this year.

    I think we should wait to see what happens at Wimbledon first, where Djokovic is obviously the big fave. If he wins the title there, I wouldn’t blame him if he just called it a day and walked away from the cesspool. There is life after tennis after all. And right now, there isn’t much life IN tennis anyway. 😵

    Interesting what you said about Djokovic probably winning a couple of days ago in an empty arena. You’re probably right.

    Still hoping Zverev can deliver a knockout performance tomorrow. 🤜🏻 I mean, stranger things have happened. 😏

  • Scoop Malinowski · June 2, 2022 at 9:11 am

    Sam, I know McEnroe adores Djokovic, have seen them together at US Open inside Ashe by locker room, just could tell from body language of them together, McEnroe has the highest regard for Djokovic than any other modern player. Then McEnroe tried to help rebuild Novak’s image at US Open by doing that impromptu tiebreaker exo after Djokovic killed Moya and Mac came down from the booth to play Novak on court in his announcer attire. It was great. Not surprised John McEnroe has expressed this vocal support though it’s a little bit late. But I think McEnroe maybe was intimidated to say anything this strong for concerns of reprisal. But now the anti Novak side is so obscenely unfair that he’s decided to basically say “WTF I’ve seen enough of this Djokovic abuse and can’t take it any longer.” Wonder what John discussed with brother Patrick when Patrick was going all over TV CNN and media character assassinating Novak in January?

  • Scoop Malinowski · June 5, 2022 at 10:06 pm

    Rafa like Federer and Novak are serial (tennis) career killers. They ruthlessly destroy players hopes and dreams of winning majors. They have many victims. Tennis is a vicious cutthroat violent blood sport disguised as a gentleman’s game.



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