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Laver Cup Notes

At the 2022 edition of Laver Cup, each member of the winning side will receive $250,000 (£220,360) while the runners-up will earn $125,000 (£110,175).

Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe are honorary captains of the Europe and World teams but it defies logic why the two historic icons don’t also compete during Laver Cup. McEnroe is 63, Borg is 66. Both are obviously supremely fit. I have played with some of the top US 65s players and the no. 1 70s payer in America (Alan Hughes) and they all can still play an excellent level of tennis. If Borg and McEnroe were to play a quick set to four or even a tiebreaker it would be fascinating to watch and surely it would garner huge international news exposure for the event.

Novak Djokovic, despite frosty relations with Roger Federer, who never spoke a word of support for Djokovic all year and in January when he was illegally held in detention in Melbourne, have buried the hatched this week. But what we still don’t know is which side initiated the idea for Novak to play Laver Cup? Was the idea initiated by Novak or Federer? Who made the first contact phone call or text message?

Federer revealed his most heartbreaking defeat: “Probably Wimbledon 2008. There was so much on the line. It needed a winner. And it went his (Nadal’s) way. And it was heartbreak.”

Nadal: “Super excited. Hopefully together we can create a good moment and maybe win a match. But I hope the crowd will be supporting a lot. Super excited to be here.”

There was an amusing exchange between Fed and Novak at today’s press conference…

Djokovic on Federer: “On a personal level, of course it’s different. It’s a sad day for tennis but just sport in general. But, you know, Roger’s legacy will live forever. That’s for sure.”

Most memorable Grand Slam battle with Roger: “Well, I’ll pick my first Grand Slam final, US Open 2007. I lost that match.”

Federer: “He’s being nice now (laughter). Thank you Novak.”

Novak: “I haven’t finished (laughter).”

Federer: “We are going to get to the other 20 plus matches (laughter).”

Novak: “2019, sorry Rogers, finals at Wimbledon.”

Federer: “What happened? I’ve blocked it out (laughter).”

Friday Schedule:

Ruud vs Sock

Tsitsipas vs Schwartzman

Murray vs deMinaur

Federer/Nadal vs Sock/Tiafoe

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