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Jaclar Brand Revives After Nearly Four Decades

“Our goal is to revisit our rich heritage and reintroduce the young millennial to our classic sportswear and footwear.”

Jaclar was a shoe and attire brand in the 1980s I remember well because for myself and old pals Gary Durr and George Axberg, the “Jaclar Intimidator” basketball sneakers were our favorite sports shoes from high school years. They were comfortable, sporty and stylish on and off the court and they had soft padded ankle support. I owned two pairs of these white high-top Jaclars. Then like a one-hit wonder pop group, Jaclar vanished. But high quality products are never forgotten and a recent Google search revealed the Jaclar brand has revived – and they actually have roots in tennis which I was unaware of.

The sporting brand which began in 1975, Jaclar offers a variety of shoes and clothing and also the “Corona Park Racquet Club” t-shirt at their official web site Corona Park tennis courts are the public courts located near the entrance of the US Open USTA National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, Queens, NY.

The sun always rises in the morning and so too do outstanding shoe brands, even after a few decades of inactivity.

“Fine sportswear since 1975, Jaclar is crafted from the finest materials to our exact specifications. The Jaclar name and speed stripe guarantee the quality and durability of all of our products. Well over forty years ago, Before today’s giants of the industry, evolved to monopolize our courts and fields, Jaclar was created in Stoughton, Massachusetts with a vision to service the youth of America . The sponsor for the iconic Five Star Basketball Camps in Boston, Jaclar was adorned by the greats , from coaching legend John Calipari to the GOAT Michael Jordan. With a goal to revisit our rich heritage and reintroduce the young millennial to our classic sportswear and footwear. Join us as we re-imagine Jaclar.”

The CEO of Jaclar USA told me what inspired him to rejuvenate Jaclar, which has its headquarter office on W 39th Street in New York City: “I was a fan of the brand but unfortunately there was no distribution of the brand in Newark NJ – where I am from,” said Willie Escobar Montanez, Jaclar’s CEO and Creative Director. “Being a first generation ‘sneaker head’ I loved obscure footwear brands. Jaclar I rediscovered on a 30 for #0 – One & done with John Calipari – where his first job was at a Jaclar sponsored basketball camp. My son is working with Adidas and I wanted to slowly revive the brand so he has a brand to call home when he is done designing for them. I now own the brand I never got my hands on. Great feeling.”

Jaclar is still trying to recollect information about it’s origical heritage and history in tennis.

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