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Gasquet vs Wawrinka Rivalry Ends

Richard Gasquet and Stan Wawrinka both turned pro in 2002 but have only played each other four times in their two decades long illustrious ATP careers.

The latest duel of their rivalry was yesterday in Antwerp with the 36 year old Gasquet edging the 37 year old Wawrinka 26 76 64.

Their previous match was at 2015 Wimbledon, with Gasquet also winning 64 46 36 64 119.

After the emotional, dramatic Wimbledon win, Gasquet said: “(It was emotional) because there is a lot of things.   Because it’s Stan, he won in Paris. You know, I’m French.  I know what it means to win that tournament.  It’s a quarterfinal in the biggest tournament in the world.  I won 11‑9.  I was leading 5‑3 in the fifth. I fight.  I fight a lot.  To win that match, it’s very important to me.”

Wawrinka had won their second meeting two years earlier at 2013 Roland Garros 67 46 64 75 86 and Gasquet won the first match between the two titans, at Paris Indoors 2006 by a score of 75 61,

Strangely, the stats work out that Gasquet and Wawrinka play each other once every five years which is unusual because both were similarly ranked elite players. Sometimes draws match certain guys against each other three or four times in a year.

Gasquet has won 585 matches in his career and fifteen singles titles, compared to sixteen and 539 for Stanimal. But Stanimal has won three Grand Slams and $35m, compared to Gasquet’s zero slams and $19.7m.

Yet it’s Gasquet who leads the head to head 3-1 after the Antwerp win yesterday which most likely is the conclusion of the unique rivalry of one handed backhand stylists.

Because Gasquet is ranked 82 now while Wawrinka is at 194, it’s highy unlikely the two will ever play again.

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  • Steve · October 21, 2022 at 9:24 am

    Great overview. There’s a little more to the rivalry which I know you’d like which was retold in Gasquet’s bio.

    When Switzerland was playing France in the Davis Cup final(2014) Stan said something like “The French put the Champagne in the refrigerator but we shall drink it!”

    Of course Switzerland won and at the post-match dinner Tsonga, Monfils, Gasquet & etc. followed the Stanimal to the bathroom, surrounding him the hallway asking him to account for his cocky statement. The French players are like a gang and are very close. There were heated words but Severin Luthi intervened at the last moment to broker peace. Federer was not there.

    Gasquet & Wawrinka’s next meeting was in that classic match at Wimdbledon. No one knew of the underlying tensions. However, looking at their last match, I think they have buried the hatchet which is great. I’m a fan of both players.

  • Scoop Malinowski · October 21, 2022 at 11:46 am

    Steve, How did I never hear of this?! Did it only come out in Gasquet’s book? Meaning the tennis media totally missed this? Did Stan “account for his cocky statement”? Stan obviously backed up his cocky statement by playing great and getting the job done. French players whining after the fact seems silly and toothless. Gasquet’s book must be an excellent read.

  • Steve · October 21, 2022 at 12:01 pm

    Reading all these tennis bios I realized that Davis Cup is of the utmost importance to these European players. You know this last batch of the “Musketeers” have their pride and are essentially slamless so it is big for them to lose on their home soil much less endure cocky statements. LOL

    Gasquet theorizes that the French speaking Swiss may have harbored some pre-existing resentments towards French.

    BTW, you’ll remember that if Stan won that Wimby quarterfinal he would have faced Djokovic which at that time the rivalry was strongly in his favor. Stan could’ve reasonably had four slams on all the surfaces. Once cocky statement may have cost him surpassing Murray in the history books.

  • Steve · October 21, 2022 at 12:03 pm

    ^^towards THE French



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