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Djokovic vs Kyrgios: A Fascinating Final

By Scoop Malinowski

Novak Djokovic vs Nick Kyrgios is such a fascinating and intriguing clash of unique tennis titans, I predict it could be an all time unforgettable classic and break TV ratings records.

Novak Djokovic is the top personality and figure of the sport today, for athletic heroism as well as political bravery. And Nick Kyrgios, the former rebel wasted talent who suddenly has finally fulfilled his potential, in his own ways, is also a magnetic, charismatic personality who is the darling of the younger generations.

One is trying to close the two Grand Slam title gap on Rafael Nadal’s record 22, while the other is hunting for his first singles major title (he won AO doubles in January).

Adding to the drama is the fact that these two rivals were once hated enemies of each other, especially with Kyrgios regularly taking media cheap shots at Djokovic. Now after Kyrgios suddenly did a 180 and came to his senses – he praised Djokovic’s bravely for resisting the vaccine and standing up for his principles – the two combatants actually have become friends who openly respect and praise each other.

Kyrgios and Djokovic have only played two ATP matches in their career and the 27 year old Australian marvel has won both against the 35 year old Serbian (the last match was in 2017). It’s possible the Djokovic play style perfectly suits and inspires the best of Kyrgios.

But the stakes will be much greater this time and if there is a mental edge for Kyrgios, it will be fascinating to see how his nerves and fearless shotmaking prowess hold up with a Wimbledon title on the line.

Djokovic has won 20 Grand Slams and this will be his ATP record 32nd final (Federer has played in 31 finals). Kyrgios had never played a major semi before although the valuable experience of his AO doubles title earlier this year will certainly help his cause.

But the best aspect of this dream final is the quality of tennis that will be played. Djokovic, called “the most perfect player in the history of tennis,” by Nick Bollettieri, looks to be at his best form now after achieving arguably the best season in tennis history last year as he won three Grand Slam and finaled at the last one in New York. Djokovic is extremely driven now to make amends for the AO ban ordeal and injustice and the French Open four set failure to Nadal in the QF. And Kyrgios is now unquestionably playing the best tennis of his career, unleashing the most lethal serve in the business, supported by a devastating baseline game of blasting the ball all over the court like we have never seen before. There doesn’t even seem to be much of a tactical basis for how the mad genius Kyrgios is playing, he’s just freewheeling it as if he’s “in the zone.” And the formula has worked for six matches so far this fortnight. But the moment of truth is here. We shall see if Kyrgios is another Marcelo Rios, Fernando Gonzalez, or Tomas Berdych – or if he can rise to the occasion and win his first major in his first final like Marat Safin, Juan Martin Del Potro, Boris Becker and Thomas Muster.

So there you have the story line, the mad genius man child who has finally matured and galvanized all of his assets, vs. the ultimate “perfect” tennis machine. Who will win? I’m going to sit this one out, it’s too confusing, fascinating and complicated to try to analyze. May the best man win…

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  • Scoop Malinowski · July 8, 2022 at 6:50 pm

    If you want a better serve for your game, study this slow motion video of Nick’s serve, it really helped my serve, how he cocks the wrist before the toss really forces you to snap the wrist on contact which is important.

  • Scoop Malinowski · July 9, 2022 at 7:26 pm

    I’m now leaning for Djokovic to win. The guy with 32 Grand Slam finals can’t lose to the guy in his first can he? More likely to see Kyrgios tighten up in the moment and just not play as well as he has for six matches. if he can, he deserves it. But whispers are floating that kyrgios is scared before the wimbledon final and the pressure has gotten to him. It’s possible he’s thrilled just to be in Wimb final and could subconsciously tank, which would stick it to the establishment and help his “bromance” buddy.

  • Cheapredwhino · July 10, 2022 at 9:20 am

    Scoop – wish I could get as enthusiastic about this one as you are. I’m an avid tennis fan but this is one I won’t be watching. I haven’t seen Kyrgios play for five years – won’t have someone like that in my home, even if it’s only on the TV.

    I hope Djokovic wins, but even then there’s going to be something hollow about this title in my opinion. They’re talking about him adding to his tally of Grand Slams, when I really don’t think this year’s Wimbledon should still carry Grand Slam status. The whole point of a Grand Slam event is that it’s ‘Open’ – Wimbledon this year, in all its wisdom, has barred some players from competing on the grounds of their place of birth. So it’s not ‘Open’ – it’s an invitation event. I’m glad that the ITF have taken the ranking points off the table here, but I think they should go further and remove its Grand Slam status.

    Anyway, enjoy the game – I have a few things to do in the garden 🙂

  • Scoop Malinowski · July 10, 2022 at 12:48 pm

    cheapredwhino, you are right it was a disappointing final. The old Nick showed up in the second set, he was winning the match after a sensational first set, then in second he started whining to his box about their support. No reason to do that, he was winning the match. He distracted himself. It was all downhill from there. Three sets of hot and cold up and down play and suffering and complaining. It was like 2017 Nick came back in a time machine or something. Yes it was a corrupted Wimbledon just like AO was corrupted by banning Novak from playing.



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