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Djokovic Determined To Erase Federer’s Records

Novak Djokovic does not beat around the bush when sharing his personal goals to the public.

The world no. 1 has made it clear he aspires to erase the most illustrious records and achievements of Roger Federer and replace them with his name.

Djokovic already leads Federer (and Nadal) in head to head matches and the most Masters 1000 wins but he’s hungry for more, namely the all time record for most weeks as world no. 1 and the granddaddy of them all, the total Grand Slam major count of 20, which the Serbian superstar still needs four more to overtake (he’s at 17 now).

Djokovic won Rome last week to take the lead in all time Masters 1000 wins with 36 over Rafa’s 35.

The ranking points from Rome guarantee that Djokovic will hold the no. 1 ranking through November 9 which would total his weeks at no. 1 to 293 weeks, just 17 weeks short of Federer’s 310 mark.

“Of course I’m aware of the amount of weeks, and I don’t know exactly the date, but I know it’s going to be in probably the first or beginning of the second quarter of next year if I eventually maintain my No.1 ranking,” Djokovic said.

“I’m getting closer. I’m in a very good position, I feel like I have been also playing really well and been healthy, which is great.

“Yes… those are the two biggest professional goals that I have at the moment. So the historic No.1 ranking goal is something that is on the horizon, and I’m going to give my all and very best that I can possibly give in the next period to achieve that.

“But also, after that slams will be the big one, of course… I don’t know what years to come will bring for me and just tennis and the world in general.”

Djokovic is hunting his 18th major in Paris, which would complete his double major for each Slam, he would become the only man to win each major twice. Djokovic believes Nadal is the favorite to win Paris.

“It’s Nadal. Even though he lost this week, I still think, a lot of people will agree, he’s the number one favourite and the record that he has there, the history of his results, you just can’t put anybody in front of him,” Djokovic speculated. “Definitely Diego showed that Nadal is beatable on clay. The conditions that they played on, obviously heavy clay, not much bounce, humid, night session, we are going to have that as well in Paris.”

Djokovic was satisfied with his performance in Rome and the quality of his play but he firmly believes he can play significantly better. “I don’t think I played my best tennis during the week, but I found my best level when I needed to,” Djokovic revealed. “I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I haven’t played my best tennis. I still have a few gears and I am going to need to get there in order to achieve a good result at Roland Garros.”

Jim Courier, the two time winner of Roland Garros, said last week he believes Djokovic is the only player capable of beating Nadal in Paris, a feat he accomplished in the 2015 Roland Garros quarterfinal, when he pounded Nadal out of the tournament 75 63 61. No other player has beaten Nadal twice in Paris.

On a sidenote, Bjorn Borg won Roland Garros six times and lost just twice in his life in Paris, both times to Italian Adriano Panatta.



  • Sam · October 6, 2020 at 1:13 am

    “For me it’s great that i can work in any EU country easily. I can travel cheap anywhere, there are cheap flights. The kids can go to study anywhere, like Germany, etc.

    As a youngster i used to go to Germany a lot, to concerts, etc. I love that country a lot and it’s good people can work and study there easily.

    There’s cooperation everywhere, finanace, trade, education, science, healthcare, when there’s some natural catastrophe the countries help each other.

    For me it’s much easier to live with my girlfriend in a distance relationship because i can go to her easily, every 1,5, 2 months.

    I have a European identity in addition to my Hungarian one, there’s nothing to do about that. The individual countries haven’t lost any of their national identities because of the EU.”

    I can see your reasons for liking it. But what about the long term? How do you know what the situation might be like, say, 50 years down the road? And would you want to be told by the leadership that everyone in Hungary must be forced to take a Covid-19 vaccine, or else Hungary must leave the EU??

    “i also wish the leadership was a right wing one, i hope that will be so in the future, but the EU is just fine otherwise.”

    I doubt it ever will be a right-wing one. Globalization basically leads to corrupt leadership—it’s just more power for the elite.

    “but that’s like me saying the USA should break up, republican states should break away from the evil democratic states.”

    Not the same thing at all, JohnnyTD. Do you think, say, Alabama and New York were sovereign entities that did just fine on their own for centuries?? 😉 These two states, like all the others, owe their very existence to the United States of America. On the other hand, nations like Britain, France, and Germany have had sovereign national identities for ages. It’s not like they just “popped” into existence once the European Union came together. 🙂

    Also, trying to break away from the United States is *treason*, and that’s what started the Civil War.

    Anyway, I respect the fact you like the European Union. But globalization is not something that I’ll ever be a big fan of. 😉

  • JohnnyTD · October 6, 2020 at 1:38 am

    “I doubt it ever will be a right-wing one. Globalization basically leads to corrupt leadership—it’s just more power for the elite.”

    I don’t see the EU as something related to globalization. I see it as something that can make European countries stronger together. The single market, industry and other standards, etc added to the things i said before. Many people think like this in Hungary. If you google Orbán+reform+EU you will find that the V4 countries are trying to reform the EU, make it more right wing. With a right wing leadership the EU would be perfect.

    Ofc you never know if you’ll manage to change the leadership, but you don’t know either if in the USA patriots will be able to beat the democrats or the left wing trends either. Or you don’t know that even if Trump wins again or his gang stays for even more cycles than 2 they won’t be a disappointment, like let’s say their trade war won’t work, they’ll ruin relationships with long term allies (like Europe) even more, they’ll make the USA isolated and the economy dip, etc etc. We can only make guesses.

  • JohnnyTD · October 6, 2020 at 9:27 am

    “And would you want to be told by the leadership that everyone in Hungary must be forced to take a Covid-19 vaccine, or else Hungary must leave the EU??”

    Sorry i didn’t answer this in the morning, i was in a hurry.

    Unlikely something like that would happen, there’s not much forcing going on here. We went against lots of EU practices in recent years, sometimes for good, sometimes for totally stupid reasons and the max we get are fines or less money. But even with those we’re much better off in the EU than outside of it.

    As for the vaccine, i really don’t understand what this vaccine paranoia is about. Healthcare standards are the highest in the EU in the whole world. That vaccine the EU would “enforce” would be good and safe. Furthermore, as part of the communist block i took all the russian vaccines as a child, i grew up healthy and strong. Why should i be scared of an EU vaccine? Will Merkel and von der Leyen implant a chip in me and track when i go to the toilet? 😂

  • Scoop Malinowski · October 6, 2020 at 9:41 am

    JohnnyTD it seems you don’t like to discuss tennis anymore?! Cmon please just one French Open related comment, JUST ONE! 🙂

  • JohnnyTD · October 6, 2020 at 10:35 am

    “JohnnyTD it seems you don’t like to discuss tennis anymore?! Cmon please just one French Open related comment, JUST ONE! 🙂”

    It’s hard to squeeze out some even on the forum.

    This is harvest time on our lands, today we were still picking the grapes, and ofc the grinding and pressing are already going on. Add to that my company work and i have no time to watch tennis, i’m just checking the highlights and sometimes following the scores, check the social media comments. So it’s a chaotic period for me. Also George, Sam and you are on fire in the tennis topics. So as something tennis related i wrote about the Valkusz bros in the other thread. Maybe some people are curious about “obscure” players like them and everybody is talking about the RG anyway, i’m not watching it so why write something forced about it when others are covering that topic well already….

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