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Bollettieri Health Update

As some of you may have heard, our friend and tennis legend, Nick Bollettieri has some health issues.  He is currently in the care of hospice, immobile and most likely will remain bedridden.  Bob Farrance spends some time with him each day at Nick’s residence and I went to see Nick the other day.  Any of you are welcome to stop by his house unannounced, as the family welcomes everyone who comes by.  Tommy Haas flew in from New York the other day to see him, as have the DePalmers and several others from out of state.  He is in regular contact with the usual suspects, i.e Anne White, Andre Agassi, Dick Vitale, Robert Seguso and Carling Bassett-Seguso, Brian Gottfried, Jimmy Arias, etc.  Nick was going to be the keynote speaker at the annual Salvation Army gala on October 1st at IMG (at his request).  He will not be able to attend and appearing by video is not feasible.  Nick is very sharp and has all his wits about him, and brags about his perfect eyesight and hearing!  He is in very good spirits.  As he has done his whole life, he likes to give back to charities and the community.  He has autographed many racquets that he has given to Bob in order to auction or raffle at the Salvation Army event with the proceeds going to the Salvation Army in Nick’s name.  Bob would like any of you who may be interested to have the first opportunity to receive one of these racquets as soon as possible with a check made payable to the Salvation Army Manatee County that is tax deductible.  If you are interested, I can put you in touch with Bob, or just contact me and say that you would like one.  The racquets all vary by brand, and some are new and some are used, but even the used ones are in great shape.   The autograph is on the grip.  Hopefully, anyone who wants to have a personalized autograph, that could also be available.  The asking minimum contribution is $100, but as it’s for the Salvation Army, that’s only the minimum request.  At the night of the gala, most of the attendees will not be tennis players, so Bob and Nick have thought that these special racquets should go to people who will appreciate them over the years.  That’s why you are being given the first opportunity.  Please keep Nick in your thoughts and prayers.

Judge Bob Farrance has been a great friend, confidant, attorney and probably most importantly, a good sounding board for Nick over the years.  Only a few of you old timers know of Bob’s skills on the tennis courts, but Bob has been a wonderful tennis friend to many and a true great asset to Manatee County himself.  As a long time board member of the Salvation Army Manatee County, this a great way for all of us to help Bob with Nick’s local legacy and to provide funds for a great cause. – Larry Denyes

(For Bollettieri autographed racquet purchase info contact Larry at

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