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Biofile: Yan Zi Interview

Status: Former WTA pro won Wimbledon and Austtralian Open doubles in 2006 with Zheng Jie. Retired in 2016.

DOB: November 12, 1984 In: Chengdu, China

Tennis Inspirations: My mother.

Hobbies/Interests: Movies, maybe shopping [laughs], music, singing, swimming.

Favorite Movies: A lot of movies. But I don’t know the English name. Many favorite movies. Lord of the Rings.

Favorite TV Shows: Talking More, Happy More – it’s a very popular TV show in China.

Musical Tastes: Light music.

Favorite Meal: Spicy tofu.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla [laughs].

Pre-Match Feeling: I just want to try my best every match. And fighting [laughs].

Greatest Career Moment: Singles – semis in Toronto (lost to Henin in 2007).

Most Painful Moment: 2006 – from after Australian Open tino before Berlin, Germany. (I) always lose first round in singles. And doubles (I) always lose first round or second round [laughs]. Not so comfortable. Five or six tournaments.

Favorite Tournaments: I feel many tournaments are great. Like Australian Open and Dubai and US Open and so many tournaments are great.

Last Book Read: Essays of short stories of how to surive in life, how to fight life, about personal life stories.

Closest Tennis Friends: All Chinese players.

Funniest Players Encountered: There are many interesting people but I cannot think of just one right now.

Fiercest Competitors Encountered: Justine Henin. She always has the rhythm and she controls the ball so great. And I cannot find my way [laughs]. I lost to her 36 06 in Toronto semi.

Funny Tennis Memory: Many time practice, every time I practice I feel so funny because we are so many young people together. And we don’t (only) play tennis on the court, we play other games [laughs]. Like on clay we practice on the clay courts and we make the clay (into) like other things, we kind of play dirt together, put dirt together into a pile or something. Drawing in the dirt.

Embarrassing Tennis Memory: I cannot think of one.

Favorite Players To Watch: Ana Ivanovic. Because she’s a nice person, she’s very nice, always smiling.

Which Match(es) Did You Feel At Your Best: I have one time I play against Marta Domachowska. That match I feel I play very, very comfortable. (Zi won 62 61 in Guangzhou.)

Last Vacation: I have holiday but only like three days. Staying home.

First Tennis Memory: Six years old. And not on the court. Just swing the racquet without the ball.

Career Accomplishments: Olympic bronze in doubles in 2008. One WTA singles title in Guangzhou in 2005 and 17 WTA doubles titles. Career best ranking in singles was 40 and no. 4 in doubles. Won Wimbledon and Australian Open doubles in 2006.

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