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Biofile: Paradorn Srichiphan Interview

By Scoop Malinowski

Status: First Asian player to break into the top ten rankings. Won five ATP singles titles. Career high ranking was no. 9. Has career wins over Hewitt, Agassi, Safin, Ferrero, Roddick, Rios, Kuerten, Henman, Chang and Kafelnikov. Retired in June 2010.

Ht: 6-1  Wt: 180

Born On: June 14, 1979  In: Bangkok, Thailand

Childhood Heroes: “When I was young I would say Michael Chang and maybe Andre Agassi. Well, especially to Michael Chang, you know, he’s one of the greatest players, nice guy, great personality. He’s Asian. When I was young my father and me watch many video tapes of Chang’s matches. I’m looking up to him. That’s why I’m really thinking that, I can do this.”

Do You Remember Your First Time Meeting Chang?: “Was kind of scared to talk to him [smiles]. I remember the first conversation we talk was in Hong Kong. That’s the first year I was traveling. I was traveling by myself. My agent bought me an airlines ticket. It’s an E ticket. I have no idea what an E ticket is. Normally, if you buy a ticket, you have a ticket in your hand. I asked, Where is my ticket? They said, You don’t need to have a ticket. Just go to the airport, go to the counter, tell them you have an E ticket, give them the name. I met Michael in the locker room, the same day, taking off to Tokyo. I asked him, Excuse me, Michael, what is E ticket? He tell me, E ticket, you just go to the airport, tell them the name. That’s the first conversation that I talk with Michael Chang.”

Hobbies/Interests: “My hobbies…on water ski, jet ski, something with water. Because Thailand is so hot, so I need to get into the water [smiles]. I also like car racing and watching Thai kickboxing.”

Favorite Movies: “Comedy…because I think it relieves me of the tightness from tennis or from working out. It’s always fun to watch comedy movies. Any comedy.”

Musical Tastes: “I’m listening a lot to Thai music. Because every time I’m listening, I feel like I’m home. And especially when I’m away from.”

Favorite TV Shows: “I don’t have much time to watch TV. I more like listening to music.”

Childhood Dream: “Oh well, I really much grow up with tennis. Because I have older brothers playing tennis before and since I’m born, my first sport is tennis.”

Early Tennis Memory: “I think it’s I played my two older brothers (Naratorn and Tanakorn) in the tournament in Thailand. The first time I played them I tried to beat them. But just can’t [smiles].”

Favorite Meal: “Tomyum chicken. You can go with Tomyum chicken or Tomyum kung which is shrimp.”

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: “Chocolate mint.”

Pre-Match Feeling: “Before each match I’m really looking forward to go out there and having fun and playing my best. And always listen to the music before going on court. Every match, I just walk on court. If I going to win, if I going to lose, it’s just the game. I just go out there and enjoy the match, you know, keep it calm.”

First Job: “I didn’t have.”

First Car: “1999 gold beige Mercedes.”

Greatest Sports Moment: “Wimbledon 2002, beating (3rd-seeded) Agassi (6-4, 7-6, 6-2 in 2nd round). You know, at that time he’s really good, he’s Agassi, I’m really nobody.”

Most Painful Moment: “Losing the night match is always bad [smiles]. Because after you lost and you go back to your hotel room and can’t sleep [laughs].”

Closest Tennis Friends: “I’m close to the Bryan brothers. Andy Roddick – I would say Andy and me is really good friends. Jan Michael Gambill. I’m friendly with everybody on Tour. Everybody to me, they great to me.”

Funniest Player(s): “Stepanek Radek. Yeah, he’s funniest. He’s funny and he’s friendly to everybody. And making fun to everybody. Sometimes in the locker room he try to make the motions on the court…like somebody like Sampras or Agassi. It’s funny.”

Toughest Competitor(s): “I would say Roger Federer. I think he’s all-court player. He could play anywhere on the court…serve and volley, chip charge, coming in or he can even stay in the back hitting groundstrokes.”

Worst Injury: “Twist your ankle.”

Favorite Vacation Spot: “I haven’t been one yet. But I would like to go to the south of Thailand – the PP Island.”

Favorite Athletes To Watch: “I like the personality. I mean, the first thing the people have to watch is how they play, the style of play. But for me, the style of play is important. But the second thing is the personality on the court. That can effect your game. Because, let’s say, you’re number one in the world…and you act like you’re number one in the world, you know? Nobody gonna like you. Just be polite, just be nice. I like to watch some basketball, but only when I’m in the U.S. Shaq O’Neal. I like the great golfer Tiger Woods. He’s half-Thai.”

Funny Tennis Memory: “Nothing funny. Always serious on the court [smiles]. One time I played my two older brothers. They stayed together. So, two on one. And they just tried to run me every where [age 14).”

People Qualities Most Admired: “Respecting. Be friends with everybody. I think that’s the most important thing.”

Interesting Fact: Paradorn wears size 13 sneakers.

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  • JohnnyTD · June 23, 2020 at 11:54 pm

    Great read, thanks :D👑 I knew about some of his epic wins but didn’t know much about the person.

    I wish Nadal had his foot size. He would be GOAT already.

  • Scoop Malinowski · June 24, 2020 at 9:08 am

    Johnnytd, Nadal with big feet would be a much slower mover. Nadal wears size 10 I believe, I actually had a used pair of his white Air Court Motions when he first started, which he gave to the US Open locker room manager (most of the players give stuff to the locker room staff), which I bought for like $30. I was surprised his feet were so small as he is quite tall at 6-2. I think small shoe size are part of why he moves so well on court. Less mass to trip over. Srichiphan departed quickly at around age 30 but he left his mark on the ATP with many super wins and sensational play. I recently saw a Twitter ATP post of two of his best points, he hit a tweener winner cross court, amazing play. Srichiphan created tennis magic. 5 ATP titles is very good.

  • JohnnyTD · June 24, 2020 at 10:42 am

    “Johnnytd, Nadal with big feet would be a much slower mover. Nadal wears size 10 I believe, I actually had a used pair of his white Air Court Motions when he first started, which he gave to the US Open locker room manager (most of the players give stuff to the locker room staff), which I bought for like $30.”

    There was a big debate about this i think on tenniswarehouse? in the peak years of forums and the consensus was that with bigger feet Nadal’s knees wouldn’t be so injury-prone, also he would be a better mover 🤷 Based on my personal experiences i think that people with bigger feet are more stable and change direction more quickly and easily but i may be wrong.

  • Scoop Malinowski · June 24, 2020 at 11:39 am

    Smaller feet, less foot to get injured ) Some big foots move well, Monfils has big feet.



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