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Biofile Kurumi Nara Interview

By Scoop Malinowski
Status: WTA no. 238.
DOB:  December 30, 1991  In; Osaka, Japan
Ht: 5-1
First Tennis Memory:  I was starting tennis when I was three years old. Watching my parents. I always went on weekends to play with my parents.
Tennis Inspiration: My idol is Justine Henin.
First Famous Player You Met Or Encountered:  Ooooh, I think Maria Sharapova in Japan. She’s not no. 1 at the time but she came to Japanese tournament in Japan. And I was there at like ten or nine. Ballgirl, yes.
Current Car:  Volkswagen Polo GTI black.
Last Book Read: I read Nadal’s book.
Greatest Career Moment:  I won the WTA  tournament in Rio, Brazil (2014)
Most Painful Moment:  I think I don’t have one [smiles].
Favorite Tournament:  Indian Wells.
Which Match(es) Did You Feel At Your Best:  Is US Open against Kuznetsova second round. I did 100% and I played very, very well (63 36 63 in 2017).
Favorite Sport Outside Tennis:  Is motorbike racing.
Three Athletes You Like To Watch & Follow: I like to watch motorbikes. And I love Valentino Rossi. Baseball. I like to watch the baseball.
Funniest Player Encountered:  Nick Kyrgios [smiles].
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  Cookies and cream.
Funny Tennis Memory:  One time I hit the ball and the ball go into hit the bird. In Japan when I was kid. I hit smash.  (Killed him?) No, he lived [laughs].
Strangest Match:  Very, very cold in Houston last year. It was like minus two or minus five. I won first round but I lost second match.
Why Do You Love Tennis:  It’s very tough sport. It’s sometimes very lonely on the court. But that makes more fun. And I love to play in other countries. I very much love it.
Embarrassing Tennis Memory:  I don’t remember [smiles].
People Qualities Most Admired:  Funny [smiles].

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  • Scoop Malinowski · May 28, 2019 at 10:53 am

    What a run Nara is on. Three very tough quali matches 63 in third 64 in third and 75 76, and another tough 1r win 75 in the third today vs Jakupovic. She is on fire. A month ago she was barely beating Mari Osaka in an ITF pro tournament in Tampa. Now she’s winning rounds in majors.



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