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Should Federer quit singles and focus on doubles?

Roger Federer is not sounding very optimistic about the future of his singles career in 2022, pulling himself out of the Australian Open and casting doubt on playing Wimbledon. There was no mention in his statement about playing Roland Garros or US Open.

Federer emphasized that it would not be heartbreaking if he could not compete in another Grand Slam singles final but he is still hopeful and optimistic he can play again in singles and that his fans deserve more than the disappointing 2021 grass court season he delivered which was well below everyone’s expectations. Federer lost in the fourth round at Wimbledon to Hurkacz in three sets including a bagel in the final set.

Yet Federer still maintains self belief his 40 year old legs and reflexes can still play elite ATP tennis and he plans on one last hurrah.

But the more reasonable goal for Federer may be to close the book on singles and focus all his energies on doubles and mixed doubles, which would be less taxing on his joints and what’s left in his gas tank.

Federer is such a gigantic figure, his presence alone could possibly make doubles and mixed doubles – with Serena Williams or Belinda Bencic – a bigger event attraction than singles competition. The doubles circuits have been criticized for lack of star power… with Federer dedicating his magic and energy to doubles and mixed … he could popularize doubles and mixed to the greatest heights in history.

But can Federer’s ego share the stage? And how could he endure and accept if he can’t dominate doubles and mixed, which is what the majority of tennis observers would expect.

It appears Federer is about finished in singles barring one last miracle, which he said, he’s been able to perform so many times in his illustrious career. But doubles and mixed would offer new adventures and frontiers to explore – and most importantly – extend his historic career another five or perhaps ten years.


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