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Qiang Wang must hate doubles

Qiang Wang is ranked no. 35 in the world in singles and a player dangerous enough to have defeated Serena Williams in a Grand Slam, which she did in 2020 at the Australian Open. Wang was once ranked 12 in the world in singles in 2019), the second highest ranked Chinese player ever, after Li Na.

But the 29 year old Chinese baseliner apparently abhors doubles. From June 2019 in Birmingham, Eng. to earlier this month at the Gippsland Trophy tournament in Melbourne, Wang did not play one doubles match on the WTA Tour. That amounts to approximately a year and a half without playing doubles.

Wang’s doubles ranking now stands at 537.

She has a 398-259 record in singles, including two WTA titles. Her career doubles record since turning pro in 2006 is 25-49.

You have to wonder if Wang’s doubles distaste has diminished her singles progression and results. Her best singles effort in a Grand Slam was QF at US Open 2019.

Wang is very strong from the baseline, consistent, quick, accurate… but you have to wonder how her game would have evolved with extra dimensions provided by valuable doubles experience.

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  • Scoop Malinowski · February 25, 2021 at 2:36 pm

    Can’t think of another player outside the top twenty range not playing doubles for over a year. Maybe there are more.



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