Kevin Anderson Addresses His Intensity and Fist-Pumping

Anderson, Kevin

US Open finalist Kevin Anderson, fresh off a four set win vs Pablo Carreno Busta in their semifinal, was asked about his new on court intensity level which has captured the attention of the media. As the topic has been discussed and speculated about here at for several years now, Anderson declared that he feels expressing confidence and intensity in the form of fist pumps and Come ons has contributed to uplifting his level of tennis.

Q. You have gotten a lot of attention for the fist pumping. Could you just talk a little bit about whether it changes what you’re feeling during the match?

KEVIN ANDERSON: “I was asked a few times. I feel like it allows me to play better tennis. That’s something I have always been looking at any edge I can get. Everybody talks about how important the mental side is, so the faster you can reset after a point that maybe hasn’t gone your way, maybe a missed opportunity, definitely the better.

When you’ve played a good point and sort of acknowledging that also has a lot of positive, you know, effect that increases your confidence level.

So, you know, I think at first it took me a little bit of while, but as I have been playing more and more matches, it feels more and more comfortable.

I’m not sort of too aware of it right now. I feel like I’m putting more out there and I feel like it allows me to play better tennis, and it’s something I am definitely going to look to continue.”

Anderson suggested that al teh players are physically amazing competitors but teh difference maker are the intangibles like mental strength, which he implied can be manipulated by positive, forceful, dominant expression.

“I think everybody, at this level, there is a huge component that’s just on the mental side. I feel like if you watch guys practicing, everybody looks, you know, amazing.

When you’re getting out there, it’s really just a couple of points here and there. The more mental strength you have, the better. If you look at some of the best players that we have seen over the years and that I have been playing with, mentally they are the best competitors, as well, something I have worked hard on.

My coaches and my whole team is, you know, constantly pushing me in that regard. I feel like I have always been a great competitor.

I feel like for me, some of the challenges have been to, I think, trust my ability a little bit more. I have always been very critical about myself. I feel like I’m just being a bit more patient with myself. I feel like that’s been a big change I have implemented in the last few months.
Looking forward, all the stuff that I’m doing very well, I have worked very hard to, you know, when I’m out there, to hit a lot of good shots, and I definitely try and focus a bit more on the positive stuff now.”

Anderson will attempt to score his first ever career win against Rafael Nadal (in four meetings) in the US Open final tomorrow.

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