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Hank Aaron Made John McEnroe’s Day!

Artwork by LeRoy Neiman.

Last week I shared by email my Biofile interview with Hank Aaron with fellow tennis journalist and long time friend Richard Pagliaro.

One of the most interesting revelations in the Biofile was that the “Home Run King” was a tennis enthusiast and his favorite player was John McEnroe.

Pagliaro mentioned Aaron’s compliment to McEnroe during an ESPN conference call with the tennis media. Here is McEnroe’s response…

Pagliaro: “I asked him if he knew Hank Aaron had said he was his favorite player and if he ever met or knew Hank Aaron.”

JOHN McENROE: You made my day there.


JOHN McENROE: I didn’t have any interaction with him. I wish I had now obviously. That’s quite a nice thing to hear. Thank you very much for that.

Unfortunately not. I mean, reminds me of Arthur Ashe actually, that same sort of the way he acted and presented himself, the dignity that he had, the difficulties that he faced at that time, the uphill battle he had just getting the respect he should have had from the very beginning, the treatment. That’s an amazing thing. Thank you for that.

Here is the Hank Aaron Biofile which the baseball legend discusses his greatest and most painful career moments, funny memory, and more…

(McEnroe artwork by Karin Billings.)

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