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Playing In Yoxoi Performance Attire

By Scoop Malinowski

A couple of years ago the clean, classy white attire of Daniel Evans caught my eye. The logo was hard to read on TV, so I gave up trying to figure out what exactly the talented British player was wearing.

Evans kept achieving winning results and at the Delray Beach Open a couple of years ago where he played the final, someone in the media told me he was wearing Yoxoi, a very high quality sports clothing manufacturer based in Italy.

Recently, Yoxoi added Alexander Bublik and Tennys Sandgren to it’s athlete roster and this expansion sparked me to write a short feature article about the company, based on info collected from the web site.

The people at Yoxoi liked the article and then kindly sent me an outfit called Yoxoi Duextre Performance, the shorts and shirt packaged in high quality boxes!

One of the tag lines on the box, says: “Scientific apparel for racquet agonists.”

I played in my Yoxoi gear today against a friend on a private clay court on Longboat Key in Florida. Ron and I play every Wednesday morning at 9 am and today, amazingly, I played the best match ever against the tall, lefty, and talented ball striker from Toronto.

We usually play close, tough sets but today the scoreline was in my favor 60 63 60 – and I actually believe the Yoxoi apparel increased the quality of my play. The outfit fit me perfectly, there was no drag or resistance and though the material fit my form, the composition of the fabrics stretches loosely when I needed to lunge and reach for certain shots.

The shorts actually have two different materials, one for the front half – Polyester minimum 85% – and a different fabric composition for the back, what they call DUEXTRE (Trademark) – Viscose 40%, Polypropylene 35% and Polyest 25%.

The back of the shorts are more stretchy and flexible which allows for superior, quicker, sharper movement. It’s really an amazing innovation for tennis, which of course is a sport that emphasizes paramount importance for movement and mobility. The shorts, which sport an elastic waste and have no seams, actually made me feel a fraction quicker. And fractions are what make the difference.

The shirt is also super lightweight, soft, and high quality, with the same stretchy material combo DUEXTRE as the back of the shorts – 40% Viscose, 35% Polypropylene and 25% Polyester.

The shirt allows so there is never any restriction or tightness in the shoulder area because there are no seams.

The box of the attire calls the feature “Smart Seamless” and describes it’s uniqueness: “This shirt will naturally second the upper body movements thanks to it’s horizontally-spreading hexagons and will perfectly conform (not constrict!) to your body, thanks to its seamless knitting construction technique: it will feel on your upper body like a second skin, light and comfortable, never opposing any resistance to your movements.”

Today was extremely hot, almost 85 degrees and the shirt was soaked by the end of the first set but I never felt it needed to be changed. The shirt has a “Quick Evaporation” element: “Quick evaporation happens in the external layer of the shirt, thanks to our patented 3-D textures and patterns sweat is forced to drop away by special tricks (“mesh areas”, “drop-breaker lines”…) while remaining sweat is preciously used to cool down the amplest parts of your body, thanks to special channels that quickly distribute it all across the fabric.”

My conclusion is that Yoxoi is very scientifically advanced, phenomenally innovative tennis clothing.

How could you not be curious or intrigued about Yoxoi?

“Duextre is a new, patented fabric, made of two (DUE) texture layers composed of a mix of three (TRE) different fibers (Dryarn, Tencel and polyester), capable to expel from your skin the sweat in excess, and convey it from the inner to the external layer, where it either drops easily or it evaporates fast.”

“Sunlight Shield – Upper part always in a light color, to absorb as little sun rays as possible and hence delay the rising of body temperature.”

“Skin Friendly – Inner layer in Dryarn polypropylene: hypoallergenic, bacteriostatic, does not absorb humidity nor bacteria, hence completely anti-odor. External layer mostly in Tencel viscose: inhibits bacterial proliferation and minimizes skin irritation even when wet.”

Dear readers, I’m convinced Yoxoi is the premier leader and the creator of the very best tennis attire in the world.

Alexander Bublik, ATP no. 42.

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  • Ryan Balon · April 17, 2021 at 11:30 am


    Hope this email finds you well.

    After reading your first article on Yoxoi I went to their website and tried to purchase a few shirts, shorts and sweats but I was unable to check out and pay for apparel.

    I received an error message saying I already had an account which I did not.

    I contacted the company and they deleted and reset my password/ username but still having no luck

    Hopefully someone from the company reads this and can help me make a purchase as you know I like to wear new knits that most people do t either wear or know about

    Any help would be appreciated

    See you in Newport


  • Scoop Malinowski · April 17, 2021 at 4:33 pm

    Hi Ryan. Will contact Giacomo at Yoxoi and try to help to remedy this problem. Yes I know you are one of the best dressed players on the east coast and you have fine taste in tennis attire ) Stay tuned…

  • Ryan Balon · April 24, 2021 at 10:55 pm


    Thank you for help on this

    Yoxoi reached out to me and fixed my problem right away

    I was able to make my purchase and my attire arrived within a day or two of placing the order

    Excited to bring this brand to New England and the states

  • Scoop Malinowski · April 25, 2021 at 2:24 pm

    Ryan, That’s nice hear, it’s a high quality company and tennis brand, I know it’s a crowded market but they are an intriguing new challenger to the industry leaders. Fortune favors the bold.



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