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Medvedev On Facing Carlos and Sinner

It is interesting to learn how one of the most intelligent ATP players Daniil Medvedev explains what it’s like to play Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner compared to other top players…

(Carlos artwork by Ted Dimond)

“Carlos has a very big power quality. When he was like seventeen, he could miss a lot. So you’re like ‘ok, he has these crazy shots, but at least he misses.’ When he’s in the zone now he doesn’t miss much. You could see at Roland Garros in some moments he was missing and struggling, and that’s amazing, because he played two big top players Jannik and Zverev… even not playing his best and missing… every time he hit a rocket in the court, the other guy would be in such trouble. That’s his big quality. Very very strong shots. Doesn’t matter the position. It’s easy for him to generate power from slow balls… sometimes many players have trouble… that’s his biggest quality in my opinion.”

“Jannik is a bit different, but kind of the same. Big quality of strokes. The motion is different so the way the ball is coming is different. Even if Jannik has very big power, Carlos has even more. Jannik started to find it at the end of last year in Canada when he won his first Masters… he started missing less. We always knew it’s tough to play him. He can hit winners from every position in the court, but he could miss. Now he doesn’t miss much. It’s not easy. In order to beat him you know you have to step out there, you need to be able to hit winners from every position of the court yourself. It’s not easy to play them. It’s a great challenge. They’re already great champions of the sport. They have a big career ahead of them to make history.”

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