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King Richard Film Flopped

The “King Richard” film about Richard Williams and his two tennis champion daughters Serena and Venus was a massive financial flop.

Released last November, the tennis themed film with a $50,000,000 production budget failed to capture the imagination of the public. For it’s first weekend, King Richard generated a profit if $5.4m, not enough to cover star Will Smith’s $20m guaranteed salary. Warner Bros. was expecting $10m.

Variety magazine on King Richard: ‘The low audience turnout for “King Richard” isn’t for lack of effort. Smith heavily promoted the film, sitting down for a rare, lengthy cover story with GQ and gracing the front of Entertainment Weekly with Venus and Serena, who were executive producers on the film. But the reality is that intimate dramas, even a crowd-pleaser like “King Richard,” haven’t been compelling big-screen draws.’

Domestic box office totals for KR totalled $14.8m

International box office totals for KR are: $17.3m

Total box office: $32.1m

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