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It’s time to play tennis

By Christian Koskorelos

I live in a world where I never take breaks,
but something happened,
a turn of events,
and unfortuntely I had to sit on the sidelines for a while,

But, ah, it’s good to be back, it’s good to be back,
Tennis, never felt this much better,
I never realized how much I would miss tennis,
since I never take breaks,

But when you’re held captive,
there’s nothing you can do,
Tennis, to me, is a savior of the world,
the savior of my world…

You either love tennis or hate it,
we live in a world where you never give up,
never, ever, ever, give up,
Tennis, is…plain and simple,
my savior in this lonely world,

This lonely, sad world in which I live,
so like a kid, in a guitar shop,
I look for my favorite racquet,
’cause tonight, today, I’m back, ready to play some music,

So people, get your racquets ready,
it’s time to play…

The author is a former college tennis player and current teaching professional in North Jersey.

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