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Health Benefits Of Tennis

Tennis is one of the best outdoor sports when it comes to health benefits. It is a well-known sport that keeps us fit and healthy mentally and physically. Like how Thunderbolt Casino bonuses keeps you fit financially. Today we will talk about a few health benefits of tennis that will inspire you to play tennis.

America’s most loved racket sport can be an extraordinary decision for your well-being. Tennis requires a full-body movement to play. Tennis draws in various muscle groups and organ frameworks activity. It can be a fantastic sport to make friends and be more social because you get the most fun when you play this game with others.

Tennis For Weight Loss & Fit Body

Tennis can be a fantastic aerobic exercise that improves your heart health and helps in weight loss. Research conducted in 2012 found that overweight women and men who added aerobic exercise in their routine for at least five days a week achieved their ideal weight loss in 10 months. The interesting thing is none of them changed their diet. So all the participant in the study kept their regular diet and still achieved their goal in weight loss.

Tennis can be an incredible cardio workout. Even if your play single, you are required to run, stretch and pretty much move every part of your body. Depending on the intensity of how you play and your weight, you may burn a few hundred calories in an hour.

For the majority of obese people, exercise feels boring. They do it with passion for the first few days, but soon it burns up all the desire and motivation. The reason behind this is they don’t really “love” exercise. Also, their body actively makes them feel tired. But tennis or other sports comes and does a superb job for them. When they play tennis, they have fun and enjoy the whole thing even if it’s a bit tiring. Joy blocks the chance of tiredness to take over and ruin the fantastic physical activity they do.

That’s why sports like tennis are so much effective for weight loss.

The American Dietetic Association indicates that casual players can burn an expected 600 to 1,320 calories per two-hour single session, while professional players can burn between 768 to 1,728 calories.

On top of playing tennis, if you add a healthy diet to your lifestyle, your weight loss process will be even faster on top of playing tennis. Playing tennis will get you a fit, agile and robust body.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Any aerobic activity works to improve your heart health. It implies likewise when you play tennis. In tennis, chasing runaway balls, running from one side of the court to another, making a jump for an accurate swing are a few activities that increase your heart rate as you play.

As you play tennis, your heart rate increases, your breathing becomes quicker and more profound, expanding oxygen and bloodstream all through the body, all of which add to a more grounded cardiovascular system.

study published by the NIH, conducted in 2017 found participation in tennis was related to a 47% decrease in the hazard of death from any reason and a 56% decrease in death from cardiovascular illness.

So tennis would be highly recommended if you are concerned about your heart health. Not only heart, but tennis can also help prevent other illnesses too.

Social Activity

Social activity is essential for mental health. You can play tennis in singles or doubles; either way, you will be playing with another person. It can be a perfect way to meet new people too.

Having the option to associate with rivals and accomplices is a colossal advantage of the game. And you will be around people who share the same goals and interests; it is physiologically very fulfilling.

Tennis can be an excellent way for young players to make some friends. Older adults who feel lonely and left behind can find friends too. All in all, making friends, socializing, developing social skills, you can get all of these by playing tennis.

If your kid is shy and not very social, most definitely you can introduce tennis to them. Age doesn’t matter; as long as you crave social activity, tennis is the sport for you.

Improves Mental Ability

Tennis is a perfect sport to improve mental ability and boost brainpower. It can improve mental alertness, critical thinking, tactical thinking by making a neurological connection in the brain.

Tennis also improves the regulation of serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical that controls appetite, sleep cycle, and emotional state. Are you losing appetite? Need to keep emotions in check? or having trouble sleeping? Then tennis is the go-to sport for you.

Disease Prevention

Tennis helps to hold your lipid profile under wraps, keeping cholesterol low. This can diminish your chance of experiencing a stroke, hypertension, and cardiovascular issues.

Tennis makes sure to get your heart siphoning, your quads and hamstrings firing, and all in all, a full-body workout. It improves immunity, which helps to prevent diseases. It also helps with any lung disease.

Increases Flexibility

Have you watched tennis on TV or live? Then you probably have noticed tennis players are constantly stretching and running to keep the ball in play. In this sport, players must always keep moving, running, changing direction, and extending their bodies. So if you play tennis regularly you will see a few fascinating changes in your body. You will see improvement in your flexibility.

Note: Make sure you properly do stretching before and after you play tennis.

Stress Relief

In today’s world, we can hardly imagine life without stress. All of us have stress in life, and we are all trying to figure out how to get rid of it. Well, look no further, because tennis is a wonderful way to get rid of that stress.

Many exercises or physical activities are known to reduce stress, such as jumping and running. But the problem is while you are doing something like this as running, your mind will keep thinking stuff like “what will i cook today?” or “how will i present my project at work” and the list goes on.

But when you play tennis, you don’t get the luxury to think about other stuff. So instead of focusing on the endless to-do list or stress, your mind only focuses on the sport you are playing.

One way to look at it is to send your brain on a vacation where it finally doesn’t stress out.

Lowers Osteoporosis Risk

Osteoporosis is when the bone breaks very easily; this happens when new bone can’t keep up with the crumbling of old bones. Women are more likely to be affected by osteoporosis, and the risk increments as they age.

You might think exercise or hard work may increase the risk, but it is the opposite. As indicated by The National Institutes of Health, various exercise helps to prevent osteoporosis, especially exercise which requires weight.

When you play tennis, you raise your racket and swing it while gravity pulls the racket down. This force applied to your bones assists them in getting more robust.

Promotes Agility

I don’t think there is anybody who doesn’t want to be more agile. Agility helps us in many aspects of our daily life. And tennis is a sport which requires fancy footwork. Playing tennis regularly can get you lighter on your feet.

Tennis is not a sport which can be played by standing in one place. It is simply not a straight-line sport. Tennis players cover the court; they run straight and left and right, make quick turns, stop and accelerate fast, adjust to the ball’s speed and direction. It requires a variety of movements to play tennis.

This variety and changing movement of the body while playing tennis trains the mind and body to adapt quickly. It also makes the players more agile.

Increases Range of Motion

Range of motion is basically how far you can reach or stretch your body. Tennis requires a wide range of motion, such as running, swinging in various directions, which can increase your range of motion.

These motions can grease up your joints and reinforce muscles and ligaments. If you are starting to play tennis, it’s recommended to take it slow as you don’t want an injury.

Pre-warm-up or stretching before playing tennis can significantly reduce any chance of an injury.

Improve Balance

Excellency in balance is a must in tennis. Otherwise, you will fall or topple over every time you try any peculiar shot such as backhand. By utilizing a racquet, you’re preparing your body to keep up with its harmony while hitting and presenting with a two-foot expansion of your hand.

After playing tennis for a few weeks, you will see a fantastic improvement in your overall balance.

Increases Motor Control

Motor control is mindfulness and the capacity to balance out one body part while another is moving. Playing tennis can greatly support or enhance this area of physical fitness.

Tennis player uses motor control while playing. They swing the racquet to hit the ball while using their core to stabilize the body so that body doesn’t lose balance as they swing.

Legs and arms will become much more coordinated as you play tennis. It is not just that; your whole body rotation, stopping and starting, balancing everything becomes better. Your core muscle will get much stronger, which will help you when you do physical activity.

Helps To Intake Vitamin D

The recommended amount of vitamin D is related to a better immune system, lower risk of cancer, and improved heart health. Even though vitamin D is not very hard to attain, plenty of people are still different in this crucial vitamin.

Tennis is played outdoors, so it lets you soak plenty of vitamin D from the sun. Many studies showed that we could take most of the vitamin D from the sun at mid-day. So you can try to arrange a tennis match near noon, as long as it is not too hot, everything should be fine. That being said, any time during the day will be good too.

Remember to apply sunscreen when you play outdoors. An excessive amount of UV radiation from the sun may cause skin cancer.


It doesn’t matter what your age, you can always participate in tennis as long as you don’t have any major health condition. It is a sport that greatly benefits your health both physically and mentally. Tennis can improve your physical ability, immune system, heart health while improving your mental health as you socialize while playing it.


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