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Donnay Raquets Still In Business

I played with my friend Shlomo yesterday at my red clay club in Packanack Lake Tennis Club. Part of the workout was to test the old 1990 Donnay Cobalt WST racquet which I recently bought in a thrift store. The racquet felt special, powerful. flexible and maneuverable enough to go for winners off the first ball, which is not my typical play style. In just a few minutes I was very impressed by this Donnay racquet and our conversation evolved to learning from Shlomo that Donnay is still in business and one of his tennis friends is involved in the company.

Donnay is still producing racquets though the only pro player who is known to use Donnay is the former Grand Slam champion Mats Wilander, who had this to say about why he presently uses a Donnay model:

“I like the way it feels to hit a ball with it because it’s solid and flexible.Best tennis elbow racquet on the market. Ive been using it for couple years now and I’ve never been happier. Wrist pain is gone and I can enjoy playing once more. Thank you Donnay!”

The Donnay web site describes it’s unique technology:

Our racquets offer better Control & Power, while also being more Comfortable than than any other brand’s. We call this C.C.P. This is due to their unique solid contruction. Our patented “Xenecore” technology takes the place of the traditional VOIDS of the competition’s HOLLOW racquets.

We are the only brand with this High Density Foam material filling the ENTIRE inside of our racquets. Xenecore provides Superior Shock & Vibration Absorption, results in NO MORE Cronic Tennis Elbow, Shoulder or Wrist Injuries. No other brands are making such a claim, or offereing a satifaction warranty, for if they did, they would be taking racquets back as fast as they could sell them.

Donnay racquets feature the lowest stiffness of any racquet brand. Our Allwood has an RA of just 50 , compared to the Clash published RA of 55. While our racquets are SOFT, they still have more than enough available power, due to their Dynamic Stiffness, which made possible by their second unique patented design, that no one else can copy, “Multiple Cores”. All other racquet brands are made with a single graphite tube. Donnay Racquets feature up to 6 graphite tubes arrayed together to provide increased stability & breakage resistance.

More Donnay racquet info

Did you know Rod Laver, Margaret Court and Andre Agassi used Donnay racquets? Did you know Andre Agassi won 1992 Wimbledon with a Donnay racquet?

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