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Del Potro is like a lion…

As astutely noted by Dan Markowitz in Delray Beach, Juan Martin Del Potro bears resemblance to a lion in by how he sometimes makes that fierce territorial grunting sound while striking the ball. Watching Delpo battle with Djokovic yesterday, the ferocious Argentine also showed the lion-like ease in how he lopes around the court so casually between points. But when the chase is on to win the point is on, Delpo instantly transforms into an aggressive, relentless hunter.

Rafael Nadal, of course, gallops heavily but swiftly around the court like a wild, raging bull, with his nostrils snorting too, for added effect.

Novak Djokovic is not without an animal comparison. With his supremely graceful and purposeful movements, the wide eyes surveying the court with pinpoint vision, Nole soars and strikes with the precision of the mighty eagle.

Which other players resemble animals? What is Federer?

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  • Scoop Malinowski · May 28, 2011 at 9:14 pm

    People at the tenniswarehouse forum responded to this thread with some interesting ideas…

    Federer is a galloping horse
    Isner – Giraffe
    Tsonga – Leopard
    Monfils – Gazelle
    Monfils – Black mamba

    Ferrer = terrier

    Can’t think of animals that have graceful movement like Fed. I’ve always think of him like a dancer in tennis court.

    Murray = kuala bear
    Djokovic = eagle
    Federer = great white shark
    Nadal = gorilla

    Federer = Swan

    Fish is a Fish LOL

    Nadal = monkey
    Courier = goat
    Murray = rabbit

    Federer = the galloping Stallion
    Nadal = bootypicking jungleboy
    Djoker = eagleeyed Serbian Hawk
    Delpo = the Lion roars
    Isner = the awkward girraffe
    Monfils = the wild Monkey
    Murray = the white rabbit

    Noel – peac0ck
    Federer – Cow
    Nadal – buffalo
    Soderling – langur

    Murray – nothing in the animal kingdom compares but if forced I’d pick a shark or piranha

    Federer= Lion
    Del Potro= Liger
    Nadal= Hyena(female Matriarch)
    Verdasco= Vulture
    Tsonga= Bear
    Djokovic= Leopard
    Murray= Chewpa Cabbra(i don’t know how to spell it)
    Melzer= Wilder beast
    Soderling= Crocodile
    Serena W= Hippopotamus in the rainy season
    Davydenko= baboon
    Gilles Simon= Cheetah
    Petrova- Cow
    Gulbis= Sloth
    Monfils= Black Mamba
    Nalbandian= rhino
    Hantuckova= Thompson gazelle

    Federer is a unicorn. His tennis artistry is a myth itself.

    Verdasco is an Iberian Lynx



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