Can You Feel It? It’s Like A Wind Blowing Over Your Shoulder

Let’s see now, James Blake is gonzo, Mardy Fish, too. Big John Isner caused quite a stir and then got De Baakered today by Thiemo of Holland. Donald Young and Ryan Harrison, the future of men’s American tennis, didn’t even get out of the opening qualifying round.

So it’s down to Andy Roddick, and yes my friends, Sam Querrey. Now everything seems to be turning up roses for Querrey. He won the Queens Club event, he’s in the third round of Wimbledon, as far as the 21-year-old has ever ventured on the hallowed grass here. And he’s playing Xavier Malisse of Belgium tomorrow, the same Malisse who was playing Challengers for most of the last couple of years, and at 29 has been a disappointment for someone Jennifer Capriati once deigned to get hot and close with. Many once thought that Malisse would be the next Agassi, quick feet, the ability to take the ball early on both sides, but instead he turned into the next Vince Spadea only with a pony-tail and not the scruff.

But can you feel it? That upset wind blowing over your shoulder? I mean on these hot humid days in New York, I can even feel that wind blowing over the Atlantic from London. It’s actually quite refreshing. Yes, my friends, even though Sam squashed Malisse in straight sets two weeks ago on his way to the title at Queens, Sam is dealing with too much prosperity; not a good sign for the Southern Californian.

Call me crazy, call me anti-Querrey, and why should any decent American tennis fan be so? Sam is so polite and upstanding, a fine young man. I feel like Dr. Evil rooting against him, but somehow I must. But when it comes down to making big splashes in Slams, I just don’t have the Sam belief. What about you? Can Sam smash into the fourth round and a big showdown with Andy Murray in the round of 16?


  • Scoop Malinowski · June 26, 2010 at 2:10 am

    I think Sam has got the monkey off his back and is in the midst of going on his first grand slam ROLL. He is a smart guy and you just had to know he’d eventually figure out how to win matches at a slam event and be a factor in the event.

    He was challenged by the Dodig guy fromm Croatia who was playing out of his mind but Sam rose to the occasion and pulled out that pressure packed fourth set TB. That was huge for him. He is ready to roll. I believe all the Americans have been inspired by what Big Isner did in the marathon and someone is going to raise the bar. What Isner did is going to spark US Tennis IMO. Roddick very well might win this thing. Or Q-Ball could do some major damage now. I really like his chances to beat Malisse. Murray will be a war but Q-Ball has the goods to cause Murray big problems, if not KO the Scot out of the tourney. Red, you had to eat your words on doubting the J-Block man, and it’s just a matter of time before you are going to eat your words regarding Q-Ball. Though you did win that wager with TB about Gilles Simon but that was an easy put away volley.

  • Dan Markowitz · June 26, 2010 at 3:00 am

    I like Roddick to win this event big time now. Watching him play Kohlschreiber today, he was whipping the forehand, chipping and coming up on the backhand, showing good hands at net. And the serve is a monster at 71 % first-serve consistency.

    But big Sam is going down tomorrow giving Murray a sigh of relief.

    When did I ever have to eat my words about Blake? One quarter appearance at the Open once, couldn’t even put Agassi away up two sets to love?

  • Richard Pagliaro · June 27, 2010 at 8:54 pm

    I think Red has a deep-rooted antipathy toward Americans for some reason. I mean he’s essentially written Q Ball off at the age of 22 which is really nutty particularly when he’s so often fawning over the second, third and fourth comings of Vincenzo at age 33+.
    Just don’t get the logic there. Q has won 3 titles on 3 different surfaces this year. Yes, they were all low-level tournaments but the guy has been winning titles and now he has step up and do it in a major. Will he do that this week or this season? We’ll find out. But I always told red Q Ball was a top 20 player and he always mocked it.
    I’m not saying Q is another Del Po but watch the guy play and clearly he has weapons, he has athletic ability and he actually moves pretty well (on hard courts) for a guy 6-foot-6. Plus, he did not have the junior or early pro experience of many top 20 guys who were playing big tournament as teenagers or at least playing major junior events as teenagers. My point is – he has major weapons and is still learning how to best use them. He may look back at that tank job loss to Ginepri at the French open as a turning point.



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