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Biofile Holger Rune Interview

By Scoop Malinowski

18 year old Holger Rune, the rising young ATP star from Denmark, who arrested the attention of the tennis world by sensationally threatening and pushing world no. 1 Novak Djokovic to four sets at the US Open 2021, is now ranked 72 and quickly ascending to elite status. Rune did a QA with tennis fans on Twitter this week and answered several of my Biofile questions and more…

The bold Dane has openly stated his goal is to win all four Grand Slams and break the total Grand Slam record. Such direct confidence is both inspiring and refreshing compared to the common cliches. As you are about to see, the kid’s head is on right and with the attitude he has, everything is within grasp…

Question: Which other young guns besides you do you think could be future ATP no. 1s?

Holger Rune: Me, Carlos, Musetti, and probably others that are just not so fast developing.

Q: What was it like to face Novak Djokovic at US Open? How was the tennis different than others you have faced?

HR: For me, Novak Djokovic is so complete as an athlete and tennis player. So it was very inspiring to share court with him and not just practice but a real match.

Q: Did you read Facing Novak Djokovic book yet?

HR: No I haven’t. Can you recommend it? I have read the Agassi book and Nadal. I have a book with Federer also that I haven’t read yet.

Q: First tennis idol?

HR: Rafael Nadal.

Q: Your ranking goal for 2023?

HR: Top 5 or 10, maybe more.

Q: Favorite ice cream flavor?

HR: Chocolate and hazelnut.

Q: Favorite tournaments?

HR: Many. Not many that I’ve been to that I didn’t love to be.

Q: Favorite WTA players to watch?

HR: There’s a good mix of old and young players with great personalities. It’s important for the sport. I don’t watch enough WTA to pick a favorite.

Q: Closest friends on the ATP World Tour?

HR: Many of the boys from juniors.

Q: Your ultimate goals in tennis?

HR: Win all four grand slams, make records, and become no. 1. To be the best. Crazy but I love it!

Q: Favorite meal?

HR: Burgers.

Q: Tennis inspirations?

HR: Inspiration comes from both me and my family and players on tour, other athletes and my personality.

Q: First memory of tennis?

HR: My sister played and I wanted to also.

(This week Rune is playing the Serbia Open and yesterday he defeated world no. 31 Cristian Garin 63 61.)

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