Attila Savolt’s Best Tennis Advice

Remember Attila Savolt? He played on the ATP Tour from 1994-2005, won seven Challenger titles, scored wins over Henman, Davydenko, J. Novak, Berdych, Ferrer, Youzhny, Gonzalez, Kiefer, Kucera, Gaudio. Schuettler, Canas, Grosjean and Srichiphan.

He lives in Sarasota, Florida now and is an ATP professional coach and also creating an Elite Junior Team of 15 and under junior players, qualification based on evaluation. He’s also offering a complete one on one private training program, which includes technical development, footwork/court positioning, mental training, match play strategy, fitness program and nutritional guidance.

In an interview in Totally Tennis magazine, Savolt offered his best tennis advice as a coach: “You have to learn to be humble and patient. Without humility, it is not possible to become a good player, as it is not possible to endure the anxiety and suffering of a difficult match. Patience is key to long term success. That is what I look for a player over and above talent.”

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