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A Helpful Guide To Tennis Betting

By Caleigh Martin

Tennis is an extremely famous sport among bettors all over the world. The reason for this is that the tennis calendar is made in a way that, almost every day, matches are played. Also, the  WTA and ATP Tours traverse worldwide. Thus, the matches are played at varying times.

What’s more, another good thing about tennis betting is that the governing bodies of the sport have accumulated many metrics and data publicly available. In that regard, tennis is deemed to be one of the dynamic and innovative sports.

Are you looking to bet on tennis? If yes, here’s a guide to tennis betting that will help you get the best odds from the betting websites. Read on to know more!

Types Of Wager

Tennis offers many different wagering options for bettors. However, take note that the wagering options can differ among sports betting websites. That said, it’s wise to look around. The following are the most renowned ways to bet on tennis:

  • Game Spread. One way to bet on tennis is to bet on the set spread or on the game. Very often, tennis matches will present big odds. Therefore, the spread is a means or scheme to even the playing field. For instance, if player A is -1,100 favored over player B in a three-set match, the game spread might be at least -4.5. With that said,  player A would need to win at least five games than player B in the match to cover the game spread.
  • Moneyline. Similar to hockey and baseball, the most renowned way to bet on tennis is by betting on the Moneyline or on a player to secure the match. For example, if player A is -120 on the Moneyline against player B, it just means that in order to win 100 dollars on a player A victory, you will need to pay 120 dollars. Moreover, if player B is +110 in the very same match, on a 100 dollar wager, you will 110 dollars. Additionally, just like you can bet the first period in hockey or the first five innings in baseball, if you want to bet the first set, you can do so in tennis.
  • Set Spread. The set spread is similar to the game spread. But the difference is that you’re wagering money on sets rather than in games. For instance, if player A is a favorite in her match over player B, player A will be available at -1.5 sets. On the other hand, if you bet on player A -1.5 sets and she wins 6-3, 6-0, then you win the bet. However, if player B wins at least one set, you will lose.

Tennis Events To Bet On

Tennis is a sport that has been here for ages and its prevalence seems to expand every year. The top tennis tournaments each season draw or attract lots of people who experience the amazing atmosphere surrounding these events.

These major tournaments are some of the best in the world of sports and provide enthusiasts the chance to see the best players in the world on the massive stages. Aside from the tennis action, there is much tradition and history, distinct to each tennis tournament.

The following are some of the most famous tennis events you should bet on:

  • ATP Finals
  • WTP Finals
  • BNB Paribas Open
  • Summer Games Tennis Tournament
  • French Open
  • Australian Open
  • US Open
  • Wimbledon

Below are the four Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments you should know:

  • French Open
  • Australian Open
  • US Open
  • Wimbledon

Below are the four Professional Tennis Tournaments you need to know:

  • WTA Finals
  • ATP Finals
  • BNB Paribas Open
  • The Summer Games

The most popular tennis tournament that most people would agree to is Wimbledon. This tennis tournament always draws in a lot of attention and is likely to be a favorite among the players as well.


Betting on tennis provides a lot of options that bettors need somewhere they can look for all the wagering options accessible to them. The good news is that there are many legal sports betting websites that will help you get the best odds. Make sure to look for the best odds for the wagers you want to make.

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  • Cory · March 11, 2021 at 2:13 am

    Tennis is without a doubt the most lucrative sport to bet on… ask any professional (or degenerate) gambler. At a given book, the liquidity can be low and big movements can occur. Great point about the availability of stats – I do my research prior to betting and stats are a huge part of that. I also try to read the temperaments and countenances of players and try to ride the ebb and flow of winning and losing. The odds of a roulette ball hitting a given number is undoubtedly empirically impervious to any influence, however athletes are human and, for example, a player of a weaker constitution is more likely to get broken after breaking, or lose a match after having success in a prior tournament, etc. What I say is perhaps obvious, but my point is that in tennis, you can read between the lines (body language, etc) and have more “control” over xyz factors than team sports. One of the things I am nuts about in live tennis betting is who is serving first in a given set. There’s the human element again… Because when you’re receiving first, and get broken, you’re easily down 3 games before a given sit-down, and while it’s just 1 break, it’s still a 3 game hole and the human element can come into play. I, at least, am more likely to sell a bet if my player is receiving first in the 3rd set – or at least questioning the constitution of that player, and whether they can emotionally handle that 3 game hole.

  • Scoop Malinowski · March 11, 2021 at 7:39 am

    Cory, tennis has to be the most attractive sport to bet for gamblers and that’s why it’s such huge business. But we have to hope and worry that it does not overgrow too enormous where the gambling aspect becomes more lucrative than the sport itself. Which is an allegation against some of the other sports especially boxing. Soccer, basketball and football are also under heavy scrutiny and have experienced accusations of corruption. Tennis is the easiest to pull off a scam. Note that not one single women player has ever even been accused in the media but many fans and social media bullies do make accusations.



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