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I had a chance today to talk to Brian Earley, who at last year's Open completed his 39th year as the tournament referee. Mr. Earley is quite distinguishable for his lanky avuncular Jimmy Stewart-like look topped by a shock of modish white hair. I've never seen him lose his cool when he steps on a court--usually to mediate an ongoing dispute--or even seemingly raise his voice to get his point across. Continue to read full article...

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Pros Discuss Why They Love Playing Tennis

I did this experiment feature to ask several prominent tennis champions to answer one simple question: Why do you love playing tennis? I asked some recognizable tennis pros the simple question: Why do you love playing tennis? By Scoop Malinowski Novak Djokovic: “The feeling of winning a match or winning a tournament. The feeling of winning a tennis match is irreplaceable.” Continue to read full article...

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Tennis Dream: Beating Guillermo Canas

By Scoop Malinowski For some reason I had dream last night that I beat Guillermo Canas in a set. Why Guillermo Canas, there is absolutely no logical explanation. I haven't actually seen the Argentine in a couple of years though I did see him in a photo Tweet this week as he played in a Jack Nicklaus charity event at the golf legend's home grass court. Continue to read full article...




Biofile: Justin Gimelstob Interview

  Justin Gimelstob I did this Biofile with Justin in Newport in July 2010. This was the second or third time we did an interview. First met him when he was about 14 at US Open when he was already a hyped USTA Eastern prospect. Found him always to be a pretty friendly, cooperative, intelligent guy with a fierce competitive streak. This Biofile brings out the best in Gimelstob, which may seem out of character for him considering the latest controversies and alleged violent crimes he's been accused of... Continue to read full article...



Two Hours At Gildemeister Tennis Academy in Tampa

Hans Gildemeister By Scoop Malinowski "Sure, you can bring her up," said the Chilean legend of tennis. Hans Gildemeister, who won four ATP singles titles and 23 doubles titles. Getting to the quarterfinals of the girls 14s at Eddie Herr Championships last week like (Mary Moon) did is a door opener and an instant respect gainer. Even a professional tennis champion like Gildemeister was curious to see a fresh young talent. Continue to read full article...

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Toni Nadal Envisions 2019 Djokovic Collapse

By Scoop Malinowski Rafael Nadal's Uncle Toni made some more curious comments last week, hinting he knew Djokovic would snap out of his two year slump in 2018 but could enter another tailspin year in 2019, even saying the Serbian superpower could be "finished." Continue to read full article...

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Is Gimelstob an Ingrate?

  Here are two stories about Justin Gimelstob not appreciating people doing him favors. Is there a pattern? Is he an ingrate? Let you be the judge…   Keith Evans: “I dont know Justin all that well, what I will never forget is that we were very excited to give him a wildcard because he […] Continue to read full article...

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